Review: The Sacred Blacksmith ep 07 – Questions

Why are there the demon swords? Why were they made? Or rather, who made them and how they came about?

Apparently, there are different demon swords and it is rather interesting to observe why some of them are able to transform into people and others can’t.

Even as a psudo-filler episode, there are questions about the origin of weapons and the reason why Charolette is working so hard and in extension, what is the meaning behind her hardship. We get hints that she never lived like a real princess during her life up to now.

(Of course if you already read the novel you would know why)

The response of the empire seems to be actually reasonable but in the anime, we are seeing more the behind the scenes plots and one has to wonder the role Siegfried plays in this. In my opinion, if Charolette and CO. really have no importance whatsoever, the empire would not ask for their return and execution. They could very well ignore them.

The show is progressing rather slowly and almost following the pacing of the novel to the T, which means that it’s not going to go very far if this season is 13 episodes (remember anime used to be 26 episodes). I’m impressed by the acting but not so much with the fantasy-light settings and the character personalities. A red-haired girl is brash and refuses to admit her feelings is very stereotypical.

Finally, the black lady who transforms into the huge sword is played by Yukino Satsuki; how far she has fallen from her prime! I suspect it’s because she’s not good looking and young. Today’s anime industry has this problem – the younger and the cuter the better, never mind real voice acting skills. I mean, really, do any of the girls today compare with the veterans of old (Megumi, Kotono, Hisakawa Aya, et el)? Even  Rierie seems to be playing tiny roles these days. Hell, even Nabame is falling into the camp of secondary roles.

I didn’t notice that many animation breakdown. But for whateer odd reason, I’m just not that impressed with this fantasy-lite anime.

Additional notes: the naivate of Cecily and the beyond her age maturity of Charolette is demonstrated by the fact that Cecily can’t do any housechore right but Charolette knows exactly what to do. It’s the demonstration that Cecily really doesn’t know what’s going on at all being just a young and reckless believer of justice and all. She is for a very dark time indeed. Those who read the novel will see her growth; but anime watcher will have to wait until later.

Author: Ray

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14 thoughts on “Review: The Sacred Blacksmith ep 07 – Questions

  1. How did you feel about the novel though? It sounds like you read quite a bit of the novel but still was not impressed with the anime. Is it anime specific?

    1. @ Silver – Although the novel is one of the best selling novels in Japan, I must say I haven’t been extremely impressed with it because I feel the mechanics of sword making is wrong and the characters, especially the main heroine, is a little bit too stereotypical for my taste. That said, the novels keep me entertained through simple dialogues, good interactions and a plot that’s not too complex and yet somehow holds my interest.


  2. Oh, to add, I felt that there are a couple series that are really under appreciated this season. One was this series and the other was Letter Bee. It’s kind of sad to me.

    1. @ Silver – Hmm, I was intrigued by the concept of the show and curious about its setting, which reminded me of Naausica (Ghilbi film) in two aspects: the bugs and the field to travel in. But obviously it’s a lot more than that. I haven’t watched any more beyond episode 1. Do you recommend it?

      I will discuss with Mike and see if we can somehow review it.

  3. @ rayyhum777

    I would recommend it. One problem just to let you know that it tends to end on cliffhangers so it can be rather frustrating at times because it does a pretty good job of drawing you in. I would say watch up to the recent episodes first then think about whether you would want to review it or not. The series can be a hit and miss just like most series. Also, just in case, the plot is just not entirely about delivery mail but there are quite a bit more to it. You could also try reading the manga of it if you want.

  4. @ rayyhum777

    Haha, wow, it seems like we might end up keep double posting or something.

    Anyway, I agree with you about The Sacred Blacksmith. Some of the fantasy elements just don’t really click with me but somehow, they mesh together and provide something that’s just works and also entertaining enough that makes you want to continue watching it.

    One thing I don’t agree though is that you think Cecily does not have the mental toughness. I think otherwise. Even after losing so many times, she never becomes depressed or white about it but continues to go forward. She may not be as strong as Lina Inverse but her mental strength is. The good thing is that Cecily is still continue to make herself strong so hopefully she will become something like Lina both in terms of strength and mental strength.

    Also, you mention translated volumes? So it’s released in the US? Thanks.

    1. @ Silver – Let me revise my comment – I’m rather frustrated that Cecily always turn into the damsel in distress – despite being a fighting damsel. She never wins any battle and it’s always up tp Luke to save her (hey what are male characters for, right). Having used to seeing powerful women that can handle themselves in a fight, this moe-featured Cecily does not please me. After all, she was the character that started the show and I simply got sick of seeing her lose. I do like how she keeps on looking for new ways to get better.

  5. Surprisingly I like this episode a lot, and wish there were more of them (instead of a dinky defeat evil cloaked people plot), but the final scene puts a damper on my hopes.

    I’m amazed how a brat like Charlotte is a better and more interesting person than Cecily, at least to me.

    PS: Does the maid do more stuff later on? I bet she could take anything the show/novel has to offer!

    1. @ schneider – Fio doesn’t get to do too much. As a matter of fact, in the anime, some of the dialogue that Fio has in the novel is transferred to the mother, who mostly lay in bed without saying much in the novel.
      Charolette is a much more complex character with her motive. There will be political intrigue involved. But the intrigue will probably not satisfy the thirst of a fan of European style politics.

  6. @ schneider

    Yeah, that maid is pretty darn awesome.

    Anyway, I say that both Cecily and Charlotte are really good people. It’s also nice how Fio is there show that the people in the the Campbell’s household are pretty much family to one another. They are treat each other as equal hence that’s why Fio was like that to Cecily. Also, you can pretty much see everyone has high trust in one another. It’s great to see Cecily and the people in the household very humble.

    After this episode, I could say the same exact thing about Charlotte. She only acts high and mighty as a way to protect herself but deep inside, she’s also a very humble person.

    Overall, both Cecily and Charlotte in my eyes are pretty wonderful in that aspect. Anyway, Aria was pretty awesome but wow, she sure has an appetite!

    1. All the characters are quite likable and that can be a type of weakness because there isn’t anyone that can draw very strong emotions from the audience, except the villain. I recommend staying on the show anyway as the novel does show moments of emotional intensity. I think the real draw here is the growth in mind and power of Cecily, but she remains the damsel in distress so far, even in the novel.

  7. @ rayyhum777

    Ah I see. I understand what you meant now. It is frustrating in that aspect. If you read some of the comments from the other blogs, some people thought it was some kind fan service due to how many times she kept on losing. Hopefully it turns differently later on in the novel but that seems like a long way off for the anime unless they change it all around which can be a good thing but can also be very bad.

    One thing I was wondering if you can answer this but is there any reason why Aria can’t transfer to being a human when Cecily loses? I mean, those girls were walking off with Aria and she could just turn back to her human form right?

  8. I dunno.  She starts out a fairly typical 1st level fighter and progresses nicely.  Episode 8 of the anime’ is really where she comes into her own.
    Why are there Demon Swords?  They tell you quite plainly their purpose is to “slay God”.  Once we find out why there’s a freaking big volcano next to the town (and who builds a town next to a live volcano if they don’t have to?) and what this “God” they’re supposed to kill is, we’ll answer the rest of the questions.

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