Dragonaut 4– To the MOON!!!!

 killing him will solve your problemdrinking won’t make me hate you less.I just like seeing people punched

Dragonaut 4 is not full of clichés like last time which is good.   There were still some frustrating things in it but a well done episode overall.    There is more story telling in this episode which is a positive but then again the weak supporting characters and clichés could still end up making this series worse.


The plot holes that some shows would ignore are filled.  Such as why the naked guy now has clothes.  And one character actually questions another character’s assertions.  A character that stuck out for all the wrong reasons was Kazuki.   He is whiney, greedy, and a coward which only makes him even more unlikable.   He throws a tantrum because Gio does not listen to him.  He uses possession language as though Gio is an object that one can own.   Also Kazuki has not been able to empathize with Jin at all.   If a friend lost his family and it is blamed on his father he is going to have issues.  If then he finds out that it was not an accident because of his father and Kazuki knew this then of course Jin is not going to be friendly.  It was better how Jin owned up to not having a clue about anything in this episode.  His character is developing better then some other heroes.   It was novel to see the dragons unhappy with killing one of their own.  They are not the happy-go-lucky monster like any other show.   They have their own emotions and values that make them more realistic.   It probably was better that there was no transforming sequence of the clichés of the last episode could inflect this episode. 


The supporting characters are weak and one dimensional.  No supporting character has a redeeming personality of any sort, and disproportioned in women are not personalities.  The Akira’s character is trigger happy.   One thing that does not make sense is that they want use Jin as some kind of bait but they aim guns at him a lot and almost shoot him.  Akira goes through a long chase even hanging off a truck to keep up with Jin to simply give up once Jin starts to fly away.   Seems she could have saved a long walk back to the base if only she had like Jin steal the truck and leave. 


Jin’s character is more redeeming because he admits not having a clue but then actually doing something about it.  He is not a superhuman savior and he is not a weak coward needing to find himself.   Within his context he seems more believable then other characters.  His relationship with Gio is more what one would expect between a giant dragon and a person.   They are working towards a mutually goal but neither one dominates the other. 

Author: matt