God Only Knows! First look.

Reality is such a bad game. -Keima Katsuragi

Ahh, The World God Only Knows! Divine anime! Divine = romantic!

Just like Yagami Light claimed that he was God of the new world, Keima claims to be God in his own 2-D world. His nickname is Otoshi-gami, in other words, “God of conquering 2-D girls.” Yes, the word “conquer” in otaku jargon means “to make girls fall in love.” Conquistador of the dating sim. Tokimemo, Kimikiss, Amagami, and Love Plus (Love Minus). But somehow he ends up making a contract with Elsie, a girl from Hell, and has to conquer 3-D girls in order to save both his life and Elsie’s. A symbol of contract is not a ring like RosenMaiden, but a collar around the neck like dogs. If the contract is not honored, his neck will be chopped off. It’s not Yubikiri (finger cut-off, i.e. “pinky swear”) nor Harakiri, but Kubikiri (neck cut-off, “fired”). These real girls are cursed by evil spirits from Hell. And the only way to exorcise these evil spirits is to make girls fall in love with him. Love power has Ghost Buster effect. So, it’s like of ChaosHead mixed with Moetan, Cardcaptor Sakura with RosenMaiden flavor.

Yes, and the OP is just awesome! It has a baroque flavor like Ali Project. J.S. Bach harpsichord! Aesthetically awesome! Far better than Beach Boys!

Yeah, I’m like Keima. I’m not really a gamer, but I’m also a 2-D resident. Dante’s Divine Comedy would have been a dating sim if he lived today. He would have been a game creator or animator. So, he could revive his first love, Beatrice in 2-D. But back then, they didn’t have PlayStation, Nintendo DS, or  PSP, or any visual novel, so his medium was only limited to analog writing. In other words, today’s Divine Comedy is dating sim!

Well, 2-D citizens are not understandable to many. But, I don’t care if people don’t understand me, as long as we all understand each other that we’re all different and unique. Yes, I have to admit it’s a lonely feeling, which is why I’m probably into romantic comedy anime, clinging to moe.

Market fundamentalism of America, 3-D.

Yes, reality is such a bad game. In 3-D, a capitalist world of market fundamentalism, especially the United States, Wall Street, money game dominates our lives. Who would go out with an otaku living off stacks of cup-ramen? How many times I tried not to get attracted to real girls. But they are still…

OMG. This real girl totally has a romantic feeling toward him!
Shyly lowering her eyes blushing, OMG, too cute!
Why is she putting her face so close to him? Is this what girls do when they fall in love?
ET moment.


Girls…they are utterly cute. When they smile and give me a little shy hand waving like “Hi~,” OMG, a little girly gesture like that, a lightning bolt strikes my chest! And if I accidentally make an eye contact with a girl, and she smiles back, OMG!  I can’t look at her directly anymore, my heart would throb, and before I know, it’s too late, I have fallen in love. Am I over-romantic? And that causes pain in me. And I suffer the entire night. Yes, God is a concept to measure our pain like John Lennon said.

Since adolescence, my heart has long rusted in poverty. Saudade

But, God of the new world! Yes, God of 2-D. The day of collective unconsciousness is over.  That kind of collective community deity is over such as Abraham’s deity. Today’s Japanese youth is pretty much compartmentalized and otakunized. The word “My Boom” symbolizes that. Boom used to be for the mass, and if people didn’t follow it, they were branded as outcasts like I was. I didn’t fit in. But now it’s okay not to fit in, nobody accuses you for having your own world that nobody understands. 2-D is better than 3-D for sure. I know how cruel a community can get to an individual. I spent school days in Japan before “My Boom” era. So now we can live in our own caves. You can live in the world that nobody knows and understands. Yes, the world God only knows. Thus, you are God! I am God. She is God. He is God. All otakus are God!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

10 thoughts on “God Only Knows! First look.

  1. Lol, when I skimmed the article, I had to scroll up to check; sure enough, it was another MLM article. 😀

    I think that people certainly seem to be getting more isolated…or maybe it’s just me.

    1. Hey jenn! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, people are more alienated nowadays. Or connected more loosely?

  2. A very interesting read. I agree fully, we are our own gods.

    I to have had no skinship or love in my teenage years but im far from lonley, i feel more like keima from this anime. real girls dont intereset me, no self-respect. I have far better things to do with my time than waste it on a girl.

    Perhaps it is just were i come from, the girls of northern Ireland aren’t known for being romantic or attractive.

    A question for the OP. if a cute girl did confess to you, would your views of 3-D and 2-D change? would this girl merely be a one-off to you, in your sea of 3-D witches? or would you reject her completely for your 2-D compassion?

    1. @woo

      Thank you for the comment. Thank you very much for agreeing with me!

      Wow, northern Irish girls aren’t attractive? I didn’t know that. Probably too much conflict to spend time on fashion and romance? Japan got a lot of pretty girls, tons of them. I think Tokyo is one of the world’s fashion capitals like Milano, Paris, London, and New York. Osaka is big too since it’s the birth place of Gothic-Lolita.

      Not wasting time on girls. That’s wise. You got your priority straight.

      I’m not sure. When can I know that? I never rejected any girl since no girl has ever asked me out. Instead I was told “get lost nerd” a million times. So, the thing is no girl has tested my faith to 2-D girls. I really want them to try me. I’ve been waiting for them to test me. So, I can know whether my faith would be voluntary. Otaku fundamentalists have claimed to have achieved Goshin (self-defense), no 3-D girl can seduce them, but I haven’t heard anything about them rejecting real girls. Involuntary celibate, involuntary alienation, involuntary hikikomoriness, that’s been me…

  3. Being an otaku in a country were otaku’s don’t exist has left me sort of unaware of the true otaku of japan and the opinions of the otaku culture .Otaku fundamentalists as you called them…I like that name…

    It seems that most, seem involuntary like yourself. however i could most likely go out and delve in the 3-D world, perhaps not with girls as they are few and far between and those few that are nice girls are far beyond my league . But i have no wish to. not just with girls. I have two very close friends who i much prefer talking and interacting with online, rather than in real life.

    A hikikomori by choice. and that’s always confused me.

    Unsurprisingly one of my favorite animes is Welcome to the N.H.K i was rather disappointed to see your review on it was only in Japanese.

    “Probably too much conflict to spend time on fashion and romance?”

    As for romance in northern Ireland. well the conflict is really quite in the past. but has left my generation rough edged. as there parents are still roughened up from the troubles. That sort of killed romance and thus it is not something that really even happens here, especially among teenagers. relationships are far more blunt. no one is shy, no one is nervous. Holding hands with someone they liked no more makes a northern Irish girls heart race than staring at a fish. going on a date means nothing.
    i suppose anime has made me want a girl who enjoys romance. But you dont get those here, so theres no one to like to be rejected by. and so girls, at least real ones, seem like a waste of time.

    a sort of a win lose-situation.

    “When can I know that?”

    I know your 17 in the 2-D world but i don’t know your real age. In your otaku blues song you seem quite young. in the 3-D world. a long term romance, well at least were i come from, only tends to come in the late 20’s and early 30’s

    1. @woo

      Thank you for the reply. That’s great that you have precious friends online. Yet, girls are really attractive. I don’t know why they’re so cute. They continue to catch my eyes even though I had enough of rejection. Just an accidental eye contact, OMG, I forget everything girls have done to me in the past and get carried away, left me moonstruck.

      Welcome to NHK. I wrote that article like a year ago. Within a week, I’ll translate it and add to it at the bottom. Next week, I should be freer, taking more time-off from 3-D world.

      I see, northern Irish people aren’t romantic at all then. In turn, what about Irish girls? Are they more romantic than northern girls? Here, we got first Irish president JFK, and he was known as the womanizer, even getting laid with Marylin Monroe. Seems people with Latin-based religion and languages are more romantic, French, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish. Romance languages. Yes, indeed South-Americans are more romantic than North-Americans. More skinship! People of the north generally tend to be romantically stiff.

      Otaku from Northern Ireland. That’s pretty interesting. I guess the conflict had long made people’s mentality barren. It’s really amazing that Otaku from Northern Ireland and Otaku in North America are communicating online.

      Thanks for checking out Otaku Blues! Oh, I need to edit that video. I want to make my voice unrecognizable to someone I know, have it blurred with special effects and put a censor on my face. Because someone who knows me can immediately tell that’s me. In a worst case, I have to take the video down. Privacy protection is the biggest concern to be online.

  4. One of my online friends is Irish, hes also not so lucky with the girls. but the Irish are not much different from us. there just as romantically stiff as we are. however nice girls down there are a lot more common than up here. there a lot less bitchy. but still very…how do you say…3-D?

    Have you ever read the Manga of The world god only knows? I find it much, much better. The Manga focus more on Keima and his thoughts on the world than just completely focusing on the girls (I’m looking at you Shiori Shiomiya ark)

    1. I see. Thank you for sharing precious info about Northern Irish romantic custom. So, the island itself is romantically stiff then. Maybe because the language is not Latin-based? Hahaha, still 3-D!

      The Japanese are islanders also, isolated by the sea. In big cities like Tokyo, more bitchy, arrogant, and cold, but in countryside, girls are more down to earth, yet, less girls to date, since they move to somewhere else after growing up. So young men have to get girls from Southeast Asia. And everywhere in Japan, skinship is not common, we don’t shake hands when we first get introduced to each other. So, a boy actually doesn’t have any opportunity to touch a girl unless you become romantically intimate. So, the entire Japan is really cold, weather-wise, romance-wise. Even if the island of Ireland is still 3-D, people at least shake hands and hug each other, right?

      Haven’t read Manga. Maybe I should try reading then. Yet, I’m not dyslexic but I find challenging reading words and words. That’s why novels and light novels, graphic novels, e.g., manga and comics, any kind of novels, are hard for me to finish reading. So, unfortunately Shiori, a book girl, can’t share the same interest although she’s cute.

  5. Yes and no, shaking hands is more of a thing gone past, you wont shake hands with teenagers, and you’ll NEVER shake hands with a teenage girl. You will shake hands with older men a lot. And as for hugging? Nay, maybe between very close friends, even then its rare. its more of a relationship thing as well.

    I did know one girl who hugged almost everyone she meet as a goodbye, not a bad idea. However here, we have lots of room. In busses, in trains, in the street, even in the town center. you don’t bump into anyone, you don’t stand near people. we as a nation tend to try and avoid each other.

    I’m sort of like that, I find reading easy, and my vocabulary its quite good. and although i have no learning issues i find it quite hard to spell a lot of words.

    How’d you end up with your own blog on this site, anyway?

    1. Oh, so, N. Ireland is very much like Japan, lacking skinship. Is handshake with older people part of showing respect for the elders in N. Ireland? I heard in S. Korea people use both hands to do handshake when meeting older people. But in Japan, they bow deeper to older people. Kowtow is pretty much destroying person’s dignity, so I think it’s a bad custom. Here, in America, when you meet and greet, at any age, you’ll shake hands, for everyone is created equal.

      That’s cool. I didn’t know any girl hugged everybody in Japan. Ireland has a lot of space then even though they’re confined in a small island. Japan, even smaller than the state of California, has 130 million people. So, it’s pretty much like zoo. Transportation was hell. Trains were really horrendous. Just too crowdy and stifling. There’s no way I could avoid people. So, I rather stayed at my house. That’s part of the reason I wanted to come to America, the land of open space.

      Yeah, me too, nowadays, computer does spell-check for me, so my spelling is really bad. Plus, English doesn’t sound how it’s written, not like Spanish.

      Well, the AnimeDiet people thought I have an unique otaku perspective, especially moe, so they let me have a venue, and thanks to them, I get to express my moetical rhapsody, otherwise, I’d be totally a hikokomori, even from the cyberworld. You and I would never have made an encounter online. So, I’m really grateful to them.

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