Yakushiji Ryōko no Kaiki Jikenbo/Ryoko’s Case Files 08 – Even a queen needs to remember her most loyal subject loves her


Another day, another case of urban legend.

In recent days, one of the city blocks in the city has become the place for suicide and Ryoko’s former university study mate-turned-sort-of-rival Yukiko decides to investigate it because a former classmate of hers and Ryoko’s took her own life. Seemingly uncaring, Ryoko starts her own investigation and discovers a scheme of jealousy and overtly vein ambition…

Thoughts – In today’s episode, one of the biggest problems in Japan is tackled in an urban legend style as a strange bug is found, and our queen is involved yet in another odd incident. What I didn’t like about this episode was the fact that Ryoko used Yukiko as bait to draw out the real culpit, but Yukiko did not bother to complain or even express any hints of acknowledgment, at the very least.

We know that Ryoko pretty much does whatever she wants, but using a friend as bait seems kind of extreme even for her character, especially with no apologies offered. Perhaps that’s part of her character after all, but I found no hints in the show that Yukiko even remotely resent or acknowledge the fact. Perhaps the staff feel that Yukiko would be more annoying if she were to confront Ryoko? But that’s where the drama comes!

I observed another tsundere-ish quality in Japanese TV – that no matter how strong a woman is, she will crumble for a man. No matter what. This is very different from today’s western drama where a woman is often depicted as strong and independent no matter what, and if a man fails, so be it. She’s her whole self again very quickly.

In this episode, the second part of the last statement is certainly true, in that Ryoko recovers quickly and quite nicely, but the reason she’s able to recover is because the man – her most loyal “subject” Junichiro – calls her back, and she recovered. In fact, the reason why she crumbles after fighting off the influence the first time is because of him. Thus, we see that even as strong willed and secure as she is, she needs a man to help her out. I’m not against that, in fact I feel that’s a biological principle of humanity, to which many feminists would probably deny vehemently. I’m not saying all women require men to be around, I’m merely agreeing with the hidden concept behind today’s Japanese TV shows.

However, ladies, why not save yourselves the trouble of trying to be tough and brittle and just crumble a little and show your girly side to this warm-hearted and loyal Otaku commentator? XD It’s just so cute when you act all tsundere and all! XD

‘taku Shaft! You’re damned right! XD

In any event, for a late night watch being going to bed and ignoring some rather hard to believe scenarios, this would be an excellent watch, and especially if you’re a Nabame fan. I know I love this chubby female seiyuu a lot.

Author: Ray

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