Code Geass R2, Episode 3–Twistin’ the Night Away.

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The twistiest show on Earth.

This episode relies so much on twists right now. It reminded me of that cliche where someone is pointing a gun at the hero, a gunshot goes off, and it turns out that a third person shot the antagonist. The episode was like a badass shell game, which is one of the major reasons I love this show. We think Lelouch is giving a speech, then WHAM! he is back at school. The Britannians come up with their own surprising moves as they get ready to kill Zero’s followers. This show is as straight as MC Escher painting.

There is a weird dynamic when the show tries to have some comedy and slice of life elements. The student council has a cooking scene that really serves no purpose but to get a “Dawwwww” reaction to Shirley. They are light-hearted and more focused on dating than in showing Lelouch’s attempts to outwit everyone. Maybe this adds to the realism for some. But if they were going for realism, then how come no one noticed the spy fortress located beneath the school? It did not seem there to be there last season, but now they have all this room and equipment with no one being wiser about it. They explain a lot of things that could lead to plot holes, such as explaining how Lelouch has control over his geass.

Some last thoughts that really won’t make a good paragraph:

  • Rolo’s geass is cool. Stopping time is very useful for tripping folks up, although Rolo’s fetish with the locket is weird.
  • Suzaku is back just to kick some German ass, which begs the question: “Why would Britannia go around the world to defeat japan, but not its next door neighbors?”
  • Shirley brings up the trolley and Lelouch realizes that he is a bit of an ass.
  • There is the Machiavellian planning on Lelouch’s part that makes a plan that should have failed succeed.
  • For those with a crush on Kallen, be happy because this season has a lot of Kallen fan service with her running around in a towel and all.

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6 thoughts on “Code Geass R2, Episode 3–Twistin’ the Night Away.

  1. “which begs the question: “Why would Britannia go around the world to defeat japan, but not its next door neighbors?””

    Well, duh ! They were not neighbours, if you actually watch the show. Britannia only owns Americas, not the British Isles. Get it ? Britannia doesnt own Britannia.

  2. Well I never paused the map scenes and just assumed that Britannia would involve the British Isles. There never was a history lesson that fully explained the background that I can remember. “the more you know”

  3. In my opinion, there should not have been a season two. I also want the fascist traitor trash that is Suzaku to die so much that I refuse to watch his miserable right wing life continue.

  4. On one hand I like the action and story but I can definitely see your point. The story of Suzaku trying to fix the system from the inside is weak. Using him as the archenemy was good last season, but more annoying this season.

  5. Suzaku may have wanted to change Britannia from the inside at one point, but it just seems that’s he’s been consumed by power and ego, and only wants to kill Zero for even more recognition and power. Who knows what will happen if he gets Geass too?

    I certainly hope he doesn’t.

    Lelouch, on the other hand, even though he’s pretty blunt and self-centered at times, his goals remain stable as a rock, and he keeps full control of his Geass, and his power in the Order of the Black Knights.

    Go, Lulu! O:

  6. I found Suzaku to be the most redeeming element of the show. He tries to improve the world via his “clean” methods, while Lelouche is just a mass murdering psychopath. He is also extremely dumb, if you have to power to brainwash people in seconds it would be so easy to take over the world.

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