Bleach 144- the boring corridor


punching rocks is a great way to spend time!!111!!onefist it up broIshida’s new bowstupid corridor i hate you

This review assumes you already know the story of Bleach and why they are in Hueco Munedo. This episode really is almost filler. The story is not advanced by much and it is rather boring in all. It is easily divided into two halves:

The first half is Ichigo Ishida, and Chad running through a dark, blue corridor. That is it. Just running and avoiding traps that must obviously be in a dark blue corridor. They talk and blah blah blah.

The second half of the episode is fighting. But this is the frustrating fighting where you watch it and wonder how they could be so dumb. The fight starts with the strong hero versus the fast villain and the fast hero versus the strong villain. After a moment you easily see the problem that takes a while for the heroes to figure out. This is a slow episode. No story is told, and the worst of it is that they keep Ichigo out when he is the badass who would solve this fight quickly. Just an excuse for Chad and Ishida to get face time, I guess.

Overall it is marginal to bad. 55% rating.

Author: matt