Anime Diet Radio Episode “L”–The Lost Episode

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As promised, this is the infamous unreleased version of Anime Diet Radio episode 19. It was a great episode, truth be told, easily standing up to any of our previous ones. Even if it was recorded on February 17…which makes the three news sections about the Claymore licensing, Gainax hiring (deadline: Feb 29), and Akihabara English maps very, very out of date. You might still enjoy the roundtable discussions about Mnemosyne and Strait-Jacket, which as OVAs were not as subject to the sentence of obsolescence compared to their TV counterparts. It was still very Winter 2008 season when this was recorded.

As a “lost” episode, this was not as heavily edited as some previous episodes, so it is lighter on the music and sound effects–which turned out well for the main roundtable discussion, actually. But enjoy the true rawness that is as fresh as a survivor crawling out of a plane on a suspiciously deserted island.

We should be back on track with a regular release schedule for audio content very soon, now that the site is stable once more. See you soon!

Show Order

  • (00:00–02:07) Ira Glass explains it all
  • (02:08–06:22) Real introduction
  • (06:23–15:45) News 1: Claymore licensed by Funimation
  • (15:46–22:50) News 2: Gainax hiring for new project
  • (22:50–33:47) News 3: English Akiba map
  • (33:48–End) Roundtable on Strait Jacket and Mnemosyne; Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –The “Ira Glass” introduction is mostly a joke for all one or two of you out there who also listen to “This American Life,” (1) which in my opinion is the best show on National Public Radio (2). I tried to imitate host Ira Glass’s nasal voice by literally pinching my nose while talking. BGM: “Magnolia Theme” by Jon Brion, which is used many times in the actual TAL radio programs.
  • –ED: “Dango Daikazoku” (ED for Clannad: because a show devoted to sexiness and pimps needs to end on a kid’s song)
  • –Funimation’s page for Claymore does not appear to be working on their website. However, you can read about the news here at ANN (3).
  • –Gainax is no longer hiring, as the deadline for applications was Feb. 29th. A description of what they were looking for was on ANN as well (4).
  • –You can download the English Akiba map here (5).

Link References for iTunes Listeners

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  1. I’d love it if you guys would review the 1990 OVA Nineteen 19. It’s one of those relics of the early VHS fansub scene that was lost for ages until a torrent popped up recently. Although the story is fairly simple, the frequent style changes and musical interludes make for an interesting package. Great soundtrack too, if 80’s jpop is your thing, which it is for me.

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