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Toriko – A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Buy Toriko, Vol. 1
by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. Published by Viz Media. 208 pages. 2010. $9.99.

Enter a world where gourmet food is quite prized, and if you can eat the most unique foods, then what is all worth living for is the satisfaction of fulfilling your taste buds. Since the world is suppose to be about foods, and gourmet, notice all the unique animals and fruits that there is.

Survival of the fittest!

Hunters exist to seek out rare ingredients for chefs to prepare, and the namesake of this manga is Toriko, one of the best hunters that there is in the world. He is ranked to being known as one of the four kings. Similar to all shonen jump manga leads, he has a bottomless appetite, and a simple ambition of creating his ideal menu. He only kills what he eats, so expect lots of action scenes as well as powering up scenes. Though when Toriko powers up, definitely reminds me of a certain saiyans.

One thing that cracks me up is that Toriko lives in a Hansel and Gretel house, that attracts. So he can definitely have his cake and eat it too, although I personally imagine that I will get a stomach ache from the sweets. Definitely reminding me of Gintoki from Gintama. Toriko, being that it is a shonen title is filled with muscular manly man. (Yum!) Also if you have read Hunter x Hunter, this entire series is centered around Gon’s second exam stage.. so this take Gourmet hunting to another level.

Take a look at another food image. Tasty isn't it?

Personally I don’t believe that there are enough manga translated in English about foods, and I know that there is a huge section of manga that is devoted to talking about food in Japanese. So if you are a regular reader for Shonen Jump manga, and can’t seem to get enough of food manga like Oishinbo or Yakitate!! Japan this is a manga for you to check out. There are ten volumes out in Japanese, and at this time only two volumes out in English.

Asobi ni Iku yo 01 – an adventure/thriller/love dramdy/what?

What I saw in the first 7 minutes of the show totally blew my mind. I thought this was going to be your average love dramady…

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Allison and Lilia – the Ghibli Adventure begins.

Even with everything being so classic it seems like we have a likable adventure story on our hands.

This may be more up Mike’s alley, but this story seems to take place similar to Europe before or during WWI, except we see a WWII plane here as well.

Vil, an perhaps ordinary young boy, who’s the friend of Allison, a not so ordinary girl who’s a pilot, and their adventure begins.

The only thing I’d like to point out is that in the ages before this one, the boy would’ve been the one starting the adventure, but in this great age of Otakus, the girl begins the adventure.

I don’t want to talk much at all at the risk of having no one reading and no comments – oh wait, I’m well hated…AH! Anyway, I highly recommend a watch on your own, and then decide if this adventure is worth your time at all.

It’s no Ghibli, but it’s refreshing that they’re going back to a very classic device that anime used to use in ages past (read: 70s and 80s). And the inspirational and adventure soundtrack may draw some of you (MIke, give this one a shot) in.

First Look Fair: Spice and Wolf

You’re so vain/You probably think this show is about you

You’re so vain/You probably think this show is about you

This is one of the shows I actually was looking forward to in my winter preview. And, at least based on just episode 1, it’s a show that could go in many different directions depending on how the writers do it. And, for once, the comparison to Scrapped Princess isn’t so off this time!

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