Amagami SS final episode, “The Stalker”

Cuteness is mightier than stalking.

Only a buffoon believes that a stalker is inherently evil. Watching Amagami on niconico, ahh, that stalker girl, Kamizaki Risa, we otakus were all afraid and crept out about her, since we didn’t know who she was and how she looked for a long time. It’s like an invisible enemy. It’s like facing the magic mirror in the interrogation room. She can see you but you can’t see her. Yes, faceless bureaucrats of that Goya’s painting, Napoleonic execution regiment, big brother surveillance cameras all over London. It’s human nature to be scared of darkness, uncertainty, something you can’t see.

Every breath you take, I'll be watching you.

However, finally the moment she revealed herself to Tachibana, confessing her love to him, then, all of us were elated. We changed our view on her 180 degrees. “What! She’s really cute!” I read comments like, “Ahh, I wish I was stalked by this kind of cute looking girl…” Otaku’s lamentation indeed. I can hear their sighs with a sense of resignation. Cute is might. Kawaii is right! 可愛いは正義! Cuteness is mightier than stalking!

Blushing, so cuuute~!

I don’t know why she stalked him. She’s cute as hell. I can’t believe it. Just walk up to him and start talking. I would get euphoric if that kind of cute girl approaches me. Maybe go to school’s cafeteria and have some tea together after school or something. Why didn’t she just do that? If I had a girl like Kamizaki-san in my high school years, I would never have come to America!

However, the problem is that she’s an extremely jealous girl. When she finds other girls trying to be flirty with Tachibana, she gets awfully jealous and plots against them. Then, she shows them a picture of Tachibana with a girl, lying that he’s already taken, and repels them like flies, squashing her potential romantic rivals. How vicious! That’s really a coward thing to do. A most despicable act ever. Or she might be a pathological liar. But, she’s cute…

Ahh, my Sae-chan got hurt!

How despicable she is… I’m a righteous guy, so I would’ve reprimanded her if she did that in order to get a boyfriend. But, if she’s in love with me and commit these kinds of sinful act, I don’t know, I can’t be objective, because she’s sinfully cute… Ahh, I’m torn…

Upward glance, OMG! I would go crazy if she looks at me like that!
Touching her own chest, OMG!

I’ve finally come to understand a little how Nixon felt when he was charged for Watergate, “I’m not a crook!” Or course, Kamizaki-san ain’t no crook, I can guarantee that. Cute girl can’t be vicious. My Risa-tan is no way a crook. But I know if I forgive her, I would be damned as contemptuous as Ford pardoning Nixon. I know it’s not right to turn a blind eye, but I really want to date her. Actually I’ve been dreaming that for my whole life. Maybe I wouldn’t or shouldn’t forgive her right away, I would pretend that I struggled a lot to have made that decision, especially when you ain’t blessed with skinship for your life. Seems like life in prison. Life in absurdity, i.e., 3-D life.

With question of moral struggle, Risa-tan is actually a 2-D character, so 3-D morality doesn’t apply. So, it’s totally okay to forgive her. Yes, that’s it! She’s totally exempted from the 3-D moral constraints. If God doesn’t exist, everything is permitted. God doesn’t create 2-D. We do. We otakus are God in 2-D, just like that anime, The World God Only Knows. Therefore, it’s entirely within our discretion to forgive Risa-tan. Thus, I’m not a crook either!

Lowering her eyes blushing like that, OMG!

I would tell her, “Why don’t you come to me from the beginning!?” Who would refuse her? I’m sure even a married man, the most faithful husband on earth, would struggle to fight off her cutesy temptation. Yeah, there would be a lot of Tiger Woods. Oh, but Tiger’s only attracted to blondes, so he would still be faithful even if Risa-chan stalks him. So, he can stay faithful. No problem.

Well, my faith to 2-D girls has never been tested. So, my faith is not voluntary. Involuntary faith indeed. Incel or involuntary celibacy. Involuntary alienation. Involuntary hikikomoriness. Hikikomori is an incel in cell. Jesus of Nazareth was tested in the desert. Siddhartha Gautama was tested by the voluptuous girls of Mara, and then he became the Buddha, the enlightened one. I’m in dire need of skinship, so I would know whether I can still hold on to my faith. If so, then my faith would be voluntary. Otherwise, involuntariness would be my life theme forever.

Anyway, a creepy stalker turns out to be a very cute girl! The most amazing plot twist ever! Even greater than “I am your father!” The greatest revelation. The greatest holiday present ever. 2-D is really utopic. In turn, 3-D is dystopia. Both 2010 Xmas and 2011 New Year, either one, I’m not tested. No girl tries me. What a Holiday! Reality has been really tough on me. So, the only girls I seek are in 2-D…

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2 thoughts on “Amagami SS final episode, “The Stalker”

  1. I don’t know if i could accept her. It would completely depend on how much i liked the other girls. I think i would be more tempted to get her to tell Sae that she was lying than to out with her.

    She might be cute, but so were the others. and the others didn’t ruin the last two years of my life.

    1. I hear you. If I already fell in love with Sae-chan, I don’t know if I could accept her. Like you said, I would have Risa-chan tell Sae-chan that she was lying, and probably tried to repair the damage done to Sae-chan. That way I may be able to start over with Sae-chan. I think I can still forgive Risa-chan, since she’s cute…

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