Chihayafuru 2 Episode 7: They all exchange hellos and goodbyes at the famous gates of Afusaka

I like to thank Monsieur LaMoe for filling in last week while I was away at Katsucon.

Parents can be the worst influence for their children. We spend the overwhelming majority of our adolescence living out our parent’s expectations. We were forced into thoughts, beliefs and values that do not always coincide with our own. At some point, thankfully, we learn to think for ourselves but we’ve already assimilated some of the aspects of our parent’s lives. Unlearning is an arduous task.

And that’s a good scenario. We’ve all heard of stories of parents disowning their kid due to his/her/their sexual preferences. Then there are those who disguise their gender identity. The incredulous fact is that parents perform such acts out of love for us.


Ayase-san is buying a hakama for her daughter. She seems like the textbook loving mother. And I truly believe she is. However, we are given a fleeting glance into her motivation when she imagines a mob of photographers snapping photos of her daughter at a match. I don’t want to go into much detail but the scene reminded me of my childhood and my relationship with my parents.

My prediction of recruitment playing a role in plot development may hold some water after all. Chihaya’s response to the issue reminds me of myself. It’s yet one more reason why I should pen another love letter to her. Unfortunately, the courage it takes for me to dip into the beating vessel within my chest for ink would prove completely futile. Chihaya doesn’t wonder what I do when I awake up. In her heart, Arata fills every corner.

It hurts.

But I have devised a solution. Since no one cosplayed Chihayafuru during Katsucon, I will personally bring justice to this world and cosplay it myself at Otakon. I shall become Arata and gain the love of Chihaya!


Love is cruel. Is there a sentence in the English language that holds more meaning? More pain? I should enlighten you on what happens in your absence. Nothing holds significance. I will always share with you, a few good memories because I am love blind. And I’ll wonder what you’re doing but i won’t call. There’s a monkey if I need company. Love is the feeling that I need Chihaya.


I am ok.


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4 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 7: They all exchange hellos and goodbyes at the famous gates of Afusaka

  1. I can totally understand your feelings. ‘For your own good’ is in the end translated into parents dwelling in their pride, wanting to gain social approval and their children’s love- most of the times.

  2. Yeah, you’re welcome.

    That’s totally unrequited love, very saudade. That girl’s karuta life, whole life is there because of Arata.

    For real nobody cosplayed Chihayafuru? Actually our anime club did Chihayafuru cosplay two years ago. Yeah, Arata cosplay will be awesome. To gain love of Chihaya. If Arata appears in Otaku, that must be you!

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