Freezing 04 rulez and scares the lolicons away

BH:huh huh huh huh huh…Whoa…I saw some…titties!

BV: Where? Where! Where?!

BH: It’s…right there, dude!

BV: Whoa! Yeah yeah yeah…I see them!

BH: This is…possibly…THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!

OK. Now I’m over the B&B reaction frenzy, let’s talk about why I like this show so far (does anyone really need to hear more).

1. Awesome fighting action

Are you kidding me? I thought for sure they’d skimpy…I mean skimp out on everything, but when Satellizer is in a bath and totally naked, I mean you can just see her floatation device. but when these ladies fight, they mean serious business. AND CLOTH BREAKER REALLY HELPS. And it’s so cool that each lady stands her ground I AM FAPPING LIKE A HAPPY OTAKU in order to keep her beliefs. After all, that’s why people fight, riiiiiiiight? Forget clothes, there’s skin!


2. The pacing of the show works for me.

It’s obviously going to be a 13 episode series so everything is introduced pretty quickly. That said, because there is really not much to follow they really follow the manga pretty well and I read the manga (fappingly happy), I can follow everything. They DID skimp out the emotional parts where we get to learn exactly what happened to Marin and Ingrid in the past. Other than that, the show kicks nearly everything up a few notches.

That said, I HATE the Pandora mode here. It’s ugly and it sucks unless the girls are going to fight naked later in Pandora Mode and I wish they just give them the armored look.

3. It’s beautiful grown women fighting, which scares the loli-cons to tears.

What, you can’t face beautiful, well developed women fighting in an anime? You pussies! I feel that it’s great that we get well-developed (heh heh heh) characters fighting seriously in a girl VS girl situation. The tension is unbearable and the seriousness of the issues really gets to me. I mean, you know me. I personally like women with big breasts and nice body duking it out and beating the crap out of each other…

(Oops again)

OK, all right. Look, good fights, decent characters, easy on the eye girls showing you everything that men AND lesbians want. Plus decent plots. There is nothing for me to hate.



Hell yeah highly recommended. You bet your ass Scott highly recommended. 20 (forget 10) pistol salutes recommended.

4 thoughts on “Freezing 04 rulez and scares the lolicons away

  1. Personally, I think it was a failure of an adaptation. The only thing I enjoyed Freezing was the background music + the animation. But the Pandora mode of the anime SUX! Personally, armoured suits beat Super saiyan Pandora. Next, they missed out on important details such as (what u said ) on Ingrid’s past and even the prev. ep had missed Bridget mutiliating Miyabi and the teachers weren’t supposed to be there. Next, we fail to see the connection/bond between the teachers(numbers) and Kazuha, skipped on the “If you get Kazuya involved, I’ll personally kill you.”

    Next, we lacked in depth of Ingrid’s obsession with the rules and the awesome Kazuya bitch slap, instead we got an emo teen saying that his sis got killed. Wtf was that? We needed our protagonist to have GAR and a backbone damn it!

    1. @rozen

      They skipped the best details that makes the show more than just T&A fighting!!!

      This Kazuya is just a persistantly annoying loser. 😛 God damn.

      I even had issues with Noto Mamiko as Satellizer…I just got used to her being the Queen recently.

  2. Well, I’m not sure what this says about me, but I’m enjoying this show for no greater reason than just hearing Mamiko-chan. I mean, sure, the fights are pretty cool and faptastic, but I think I’m getting a little desensitized to it. 🙁 I feel like I’ve seen it all before, especially when I consider that Mamiko-chan did Mnemosyne. The parallels are pretty broad there. Don’t misunderstand me, though – I’m enjoying the show and it’s sitting about 8/10 right, for me.

    1. @ Ehrgheiz
      I can’t say I disagree with you there, except Mnemosyne took sexual violence quite a few notches higher. But you know, this is a show for guys and possibly lesbians, so that means it’s all good. Mamiko’s voice is always pleasing to hear. Sadly, with some crucial details left out, the show does descend into a T&A fighting fest from time to time.

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