Ikkitousen-Dragon’s Destiny Episode Review

Well, well. I guess people don’t get enough girls in super short skirts and high kicks a lot. Just see how popular DoA series of games are. Here, we have an series that’s coming out with an OVA – the manga isn’t going to end anytime soon. It’s super popular even in this remote island of Taiwan. After all, one must remember most anime watcher are girl-shy, female-shunning-but-secretly-lusting men that can’t get a date. I thinking I’m turning Madarame, I think I’m turning Madarame, I really think so! ( Zieg Zeon!) Oh, except in anime, there are female equivalent of what I just said. Unlike in Trek, where you’d barely find any woman. Thank god for yaoi!

Oh yuck, that’s gross. Joking aside, from today I’ll be doing whatever episode Review/Impressions I feel like doing at the time, in addition to the regular ones. So without further ado, let’s take a look at Ikkitousan OVA…

Well, it’s girls kicking each other’s asses wearing sexy uniforms! What else’s there? Oh, that’s right, these tough beauties are named after real ancient Chinese generals appearing the “Romance of the 3 kingdoms,”novels or Dynasty Warriors series of games made by Koei. Many of you know that there are female characters in the Dynasty Warrior games, but in this case, the author just change the sex of almost all the important male character into female. My favorite general, Kanyu Yuncho, for example, is turned into a girl with super long hair!

In the original series Sunsaku Hakufu, the main character girl who belongs to Nanyo school has finally taken over the school as the leader. The story here begins when one of the 4 kings of Nanyo, Ryumu Shimei goes to take a dragon sphere for some purpose. When she was there, an assassin, Kakoen Myosai, from Kyosho Gakuin attacks her and tries to take the dragon sphere…OK, dragon ball…Well, it’s a ball with a dragon shape encrusted inside.

In episode, a lot of attention is focused on Seito Gakuen and its famous members: Ryuubi Gentoku, Kan-u Unchou, Chouhi Ekitoku.

The background is that Sousou of the Kyosho Gakuin’s becoming stronger and is taking over many schools with the men and women under his power. One thing I’ve noticed is that most the boss/antagonist characters and rivals to the main character seem to be, with some exceptions, men. None of these men looked like the bookworms or the nice but wimpy characters of most female dominated shows – but that’s not the point of the show. The point of this show is babes kicking asses wearing very little. That’s it. I guess the plot in the OVA is that Ryuubi Gentoku is going to wake up, and he and Sousou will confront each other, oh, and somehow Sonsaku Hakufu and Ryuumou Shimei will be involved.

As for animation, well it’s an OVA so it’s not bad, but nothing great either. The music is even more forgettable than the original TV series’ music, and as for the seiyuu – well with these types of typical cheesy roles, I guess they did their best.

So how many percentage of this show is required for a daily nutritional requirement of anime? I’d have to give it 5% for the male audience – when you’re lonely and pisses off about something, and you want to see women fighting, but not women wrestling (I think I saw some DVDs over there…), then watch this, other than that, it’s a small and forgettable eye candy.

Someone from the “Fist of North Star”?

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