Chihayafuru 2 Episode 6: Arata makes Chihaya cry!!!


Carnival, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday is over, and Lent have started. And following the distasteful Vaneltine’s Day, but wow, this is also an awesome episode of Chihayafuru 2. Hokuou high school and Mizusawa high school match, the final of the Tokyo high school tournament, blew away all the hard feelings towards Valentine in this particular period of this year!

The captian of Hokuou had tried a lot of sports, but he couldn’t be the regular. He was always a sub or worse, a mob character. I totally understand that feeling, I’ve been always a mob in this capitalist society. But now, he’s been chosen to lead the Hokuou high school karuta team! Yes, the experience in team work, team competition, that made Hokuou the No. 1 high school team of Tokyo. So, as a strategian, this captain of Hokuou was really superb. Yes, Meat Bun lost the game, he was distracted by his sister. His power of concentration is not as strong as Chihaya, so he needs to work on that. Very unprofessional, though he is ranked 2nd after Chihaya among the Mizusawa students.



That said, their next goal is to be the champion of the national. No. 1 high school karuta club. Chihaya wants to be the master and the queen, both. Then, freshman students are joining a karuta dojo. So they become serious after the Tokyo tournament  And despite Mizusawa lost, Chihaya’s expression was very merry, telling everyone how fun it was. She really enjoyed. That expression made my day!


And then, she got a text message from Arata, “Did you have fun with high school tournament final match?” And then she cries. Yes, Arata was the reason she started karuta. Her whole life is here because of Arata. So, romantically, I don’t know if Chihaya is in love with Arata but only Arata can make Chihaya cry for sure in the whole wide world, not Taichi. Taichi was also part of the reason, but Arata is the core reason why Chihaya is doing karuta now. Of course, Arata is also ikemen, though he looks like a bit Asperger by that glassess. But man, I don’t think any girl cried when I texted them. Too bad that I don’t have that influence or charisma like Arata. The intelligent designer (colloquially speaking “God”) simply didn’t give me that. Yes, like Michael Jackson made a really hot looking girl sob in Germany. That’s so unreal, should be happening only in 2D. Is Arata a rock star or king of karuta or what? Girls love a guy with exceptional skills, yes, like Arata’s genius talent of karuta! But I’m an ordinary boy with no talent, because He didn’t give me any unfortunately. I wish I was born genius… So, Arata the genius’ texting made such cute looking girl like Chihaya cry. Meanwhile, most of the time, my text messages get unnoticed, unanswered, or probably deleted as spam and forgotten. Yes, little by litte, these small dust eventually build up like a mountain, and then, by the time I realize, it becomes ressentiment and I’ve already become a kimo-ota.arata

This Valentine season is psychologically damaging, failing to receive any single chocolate from girls, yes, totally saudade which is capsulated in the kimo-ota song, since the adolescent years that I started having interests in women around middle school, and it’s an on-going phenomenon. It’s unbearable, everyone is talking how happy Valentine is, and greeting everyone, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” And now following White Day next month, March 14th. It’s really cruel to non-riajuu. And I recently start noticing that many American otakus are not non-riajuu, so they don’t share the same sentiment I have gone through as otaku. Only just a few of them, and I want to celebrate Black Day with those precious comrades instead against White Day and Valentine’s Day. I wish I could be the man that could make a girl cry like Arata, but you have to deal with what you only got as have-not. So, from now on, I vow to celebrate Black Day!

P.S. By the way, my favorite Kana-chan won! Yeah, since I’m oppai-seijin (oppai-planetarian)!


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    1. Yes, it was great episode. Saudade, or sehnsucht of Chihaya, yeah! Looking forward to your Katsucon report!

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