Asobi ni Iku yo 01 – an adventure/thriller/love dramdy/what?

What I saw in the first 7 minutes of the show totally blew my mind. I thought this was going to be your average love dramady…

What? A Guns-blazing, mecha suit wearing chick that can call up weapons out of thin air? A sequence of gun fights and weapon clash and all that goodness being pretty well done. Then, all of the sudden, we have a different girl with cat ears and a tail and NOBODY said anything until the next day…

But the people who did object knew about her existence already. If you’re the main character, you’re surrounded by conspiracy and danger. Plus people shot dead with no blood.

I guess we have a Disney program here. The basic concept: a mischievious alien comes to Earth for some fun, but of course the military, the foreign intelligence and the mercs are all interested. Caught in the middle is our hero, an innocent boy born and raised in sunny California Okinawa, where people are friendly and in general, couldn’t care less about her appearance.

Yep, this spells Disney. That said, intense action, good voice acting and a cat girl makes it an interesting watch. Of course the problem would be pacing. Mixing action, adventure with love/school dramady is never easy in any medium. We’ll see.

Bottomline: I liked what I saw in episode one. I want to see how the conflicts will play themselves out.

P.S. the ear candy voice of Hanazawa Kana certainly helps.

4 thoughts on “Asobi ni Iku yo 01 – an adventure/thriller/love dramdy/what?

  1. I watched this last night and was gonna review it, but you beat me to it. ;P

    Probably for the best as I got super confused about what the hell was going on.

    1. Hey man, no worries. DO your take on it. Go right ahead. People like to see diverse views.
      Yes, it was kind of a strange mix.

  2. Looks like another genre-bending show. Is everyone in it on some kind of conspiracy except the protagonist and the cat girl?! It definitely is not the usual tone for a show about cat girls (except for the fan-servicey bits in the middle and the comedy).

    I thought the red haired girl looked an awful lot like Mai from Mai Hime. I like.

  3. I wanted to write a review too, but already beaten. Well, I may write it anyway.

    Too many megane characters. They need to ask Eris to do LASIK with her medical phone. Personally I like her suzu (bell) hanging from her neck. That suzu is a very advanced 3-D projector!

    “My name is Kio…Kio-nyuu.” That was funny.

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