You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle Ep 4 & 5 – Snakes on a Cop

An escaped pet snake terrorizes the police station and a car thief steals then returns a baby that was locked in a car. That’s all that happens in these two episodes. I was surprised when about halfway through episode 3 it became apparent that was the entirety of the plot. Your local news station wishes they could stretch out story ideas this long.

Super BadSnakeKitchen

I haven’t seen any more of the Full Throttle-ness from the first episode; no high speed chases or shootouts. It’s pretty much been: a small emergency occurs, the whole station gets involved, Miyuki acts girly, Natsumi acts butch, and the day is saved. Where’s the COP action??

LockerManlySnake Love

I realise Ray was right in his earlier assessments: this series is all about the character types. Honestly though, I hope they develop further. Right now Miyuki is always girly, Natsumi is always manly, Nakajima tries to be manly but wusses out, it’s up to the Chief to act indignant, and the other women in the office have their own roles.

Baby CarChild AbuseRobber Baby

I like slice of life, and I would reason that means I like stories where nothing really happens. However, that’s only if there are strong and varied character types, and it’s fun to see the interaction between them. So far I haven’t seen them stray too far from the stereotypes these characters represent.

Super BikeBaby Catch30 Years

I hope things pick up with the next couple episodes. I’m certain a series like this would have a big-explosion laden finale, but I’m not sure I can hang on that long.

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