F@ck this anime! Amagami SS…

誠氏ね!Makoto, shine! Die, Makoto!

Scheissen anime

Scheisen! Scheisee! Mierda! Ay caray! Aiya! What a scheisee anime! What a shame! Amagami Schutzstaffel (SS)? This is very horrendous. It is terribly even worse than vulture’s puke and hyena’s rotten feces. It’s too much!

Why the still image? Overly dramatic!

The title is named Morishima Haruka Chapter, and I think they will spend few episodes for one chapter. Darn, I think they will air each chapter for each girl the main character is trying to date. It’s very dating sim oriented.

This dude, Tachibana Junichi, a 17 years old junior student in high school, I mean I thought he was really a hikikomori at first, because he literally sleeps in Oshi-ire (closet). He was totally like me since I used to sleep in the closet in my adolescent years too. I thought only Doraemon would sleep in Oshi-ire in 2-D, but this protagonist, Tachibana Junichi, also sleeps in Oshi-ire. Very pathological setting, but he’s not that sick. Way better than Takumi from Chaos;Head, who lived in a shipping container. Junichi’s not a hikikomori like I was/am. He has no problem going to school and has friends he can hang out, and plus he isn’t shunned by girls. Girls seem to take pleasure talking to him and poking fun on him. He’s quite popular among girls although he’s not an alpha male. Reversed Hakuouki! Ahhh, I wish I could have that interaction with girls in my high school years, so I would never have moved to the states.

I mean this guy had a girlfriend. Urayamashii… Moreover, he was well accepted and fit in. He wasn’t an outcast like me. Because his ex ditched him on Christmas two years ago, he got depressed and since then he hates Christmas. Yeah, I remember that pressure from the mainstream media in Japan; if you don’t have a girl to spend Christmas together, you’re a loser. Japan was so weird. What kind of Christmas was that? I celebrate real Christmas, which is Christ’s birthday! Not the day to have sex with a 3-D girl! That was just garbage the media was spewing and jamming down our throat. Just ignore the scheissen media!

Anyway, I went emotionally unstable when I saw Ayatsuji Tsukasa suddenly looked back and smiled at him in HR class. Her smile caught him by surprise. Me too! My heart jumped also. Doki! I was like, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!” Ayatsuji-san is Junichi’s classmate. She is a class president, and also volunteers for a School Founding Anniversary Festival committee member. She is beautiful and has leadership. Probably very bright. She is in the 2-A class, not like BakaTesu, the 2-F class.


And of course, he gets to talk with Morishima Haruka, the school idol that every male student fantasizes. The heroine of this chapter. That distinctive Tate-roll hair. She is a senior student, and very free-spirited. OMG, very skinship-oriented too, my ideal! Lack of skinship with girls was the main reason I came to dislike the Japanese culture all together. If I could have met a girl like Morishima senpai, I would have never gotten out of Japan. And with too well-planned deus ex machina coincidences, she starts to have skinship with Junichi. I was like, “What the fuck is going on here!!!” And that too dramatic orchestrated BGM, and special effects like bubbles with pink background! Too much!!!

Moreover, Junichi has a little sister. She is very Onii-chan-ko (big brother loving girl). In other words, bura-kon, or brother complex. She calls Junichi “Nii-nii (brother-brother)”  like “Nyan nyan (girl-girl)” of Ranka Lee. So, she gets really jealous and upset at Junichi especially when he goes head over heals for Morishima-senpai. You know she reminds me of Karen Carpenter. She was also a very famous Onii-chan-ko. She was extremely jealous whenever Richard Carpenter was going out with girls. This is a strike for imouto-moe (little sister moe)  guy. The younger sisiter moe!

I’m a Onee-san moe or Ane-moe (big sister moe), so his little sister doesn’t make me moe. Of course, Morishima is kinda Onee-san, yes, a senior student in high school, so she is a senpai. She reminds me of Mao-neechan from Kimikiss, and Anegasaki Nene from Love Plus. I don’t know why onee-chan or senpai has big oppai. Why is that? Does bigger oppai symbolize more nurture side of femininity? Is that a result of バストアップ体操 (Bust-up taisou=boob enhancement exercise)? Prone to take care of younger boys in general? Yeah, the senpai wants to have skinship with a younger boy. Especially in a form of horseback riding! Ultimate skinship! Equestrianism, banzai!

Speaking of equestrianism, La Dolce Vita (1960) was an epitome of machismo, a dude riding on girl’s back. But, La Matriarca (1968) is an embodiment of femininity, a girl riding on dude’s back. And Morishima-senpai is the embodiment of the Onee-san, riding on younger boy’s back! Morishima-senpai is God sent. I screamed like crazy. From Italy, this Copernican turning point started with La Matriarca during the late 60s, when May Revolution was taking place in Europe, coincided with women liberation movement, and has completed in Japan with Amagami SS in 2010. Took almost a half of the century! We’ve come a long way!

Machismo I loathe
Female Revolution during the 60s

AHHH, why is it going so smooth for Junichi? I mean too smooth. Morishima-senpai is really into him. She’s making the move! Clearly, this doesn’t happen in reality, I mean 3-D. No girl has ever asked me out. Instead they have treated me like garbage. That’s why the 3-D world is too cruel and cold. I know enough of 3-D cruelty. That’s why I’m scopophobic and agoraphobic. I can’t be among a huge crowd. It wears out my nerve. I rather have my own cocoon and immerse myself in the 2-D world. A cocoon of Haibane Renmei would be my alternative. 3-D is deadly cold.

If only this could happen in reality… I wouldn’t have any grudge toward anybody or any society that is constantly lying to us. I wouldn’t have been a cynical pessimist.

Conclusion: Otaku in the Mirror

Do you know why I hate this anime? Why I think this anime is horrendous? Because it truly reflects my dark side, chaotically churning subconsciousness. My deeply seated shame that I don’t want anybody to pinpoint. An Otaku’s lamentation , “I never had any chance to have skinship with girls, so I never had any single good moment as an adult male. What a miserable life… If I could, I really want to become 17 years old again to relive my high school life and have fun with girls.” And this anime really reflects that lamentation. My life should have been like this anime. It’s the reflection of me. Yes, the mirror.

Yeah, I’m agoraphobic, and at the same time scopophobic like Morino from Ms. Okami & Her 7 Friends. But at the same time, I also have a fear of the mirror, completely opposite from narcissists like that Queen from Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs. If you’re satisfied with 3-D (reality), you can look at the mirror, but if you’re alienated from 3-D like me, you can’t even face the mirror but can only watch the computer or TV screen. I’m afraid to look at myself in the mirror every morning. How do you say “mirror” in Greek? Eisoptro? Therefore, I have eisoptrophobia. So, I’m eisoptrophobic. I hate this anime since it invokes my eisoptrophobia. Thus, f@ck this anime!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

44 thoughts on “F@ck this anime! Amagami SS…

  1. At first, I thought the “fuck this anime!” sentiment would be more of a derisive tone, but I guess not.

    But I curse myself for promising to follow this anime, whether it’s bad or good. And it’s ending up way worse than I anticipated. This first girl arc better be over quick, or else I’m going to end up puking on my keyboard.

    1. @Maserbeam,

      Yes, the remake of the original game is below our expectations. Kimikiss was better, but the drawings ended up lower quality compared to the game. Many Otakus were harsh on Pure Rouge. They instead watched the original on Niconico.

  2. I saw the first two episodes and while kinda generic, I don’t see the reason for such a passionate hatred of the show. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. After all, people loved ‘B Gata H Kei’ and I thought that show was garbage. Stopped watching after 4 episodes. ^_^

    Anyway, I hope that there are many more shows this season that you’ll love. Cheers, mate! 🙂

    1. @Mike C

      The plot is jumpy. Well, B gata H kei was a fun show to me. Yeah, different niche for different otakus.

      Thanks! I hope so. Haven’t found the show I really want to watch this season.

  3. This show is boring and there isn’t a really exciting plot. It’ll be the first show that I’m dropping this season.

  4. @Ray

    I don’t feel bored, but the plot is jumpy, doesn’t make sense. Maybe I should go buy this game instead of watching the anime.


    Yup, each otaku has a different taste. So you might like it.

    1. Um…There isn’t a plot, really, which is why it’s rather boring and bland. The characters are bland, too.
      I don’t know a thing about the game. What do other Japanese fans say?

      1. There’s not enough time to see the development of characters and storyline. The plot is too quick and jumpy.

        From Japanese message boards, they were harsh in the beginning, but some of them started liking it from Episode 3. I guess the game is not 18-kin but still hentai-flavored game, so since hentai finally started getting involved, some gamers have been changing their opinions. Too bad, hentai is not my taste. Maybe I have to see the original game on Niconico just to check.

  5. @Makoto,

    That’s correct. But in Otaku jargon, that’s euphemism in 2ch or niconico.

    Anyway, checking Amagami on niconico, yabai. Yabasuguru! I want to have this game! That makes me Hetare in the mirror. Not MJ’s Man in the Mirror.

  6. ive known girl with her personality that would have done alot more then she did in ep 3. i like it, i fnd it funny and energetic but crazy too, just like real highschool was for me and other popular guies. trust me, a girl would do almost anything for a guy she really likes, a kiss on the back of the knee is just silly and weird but i think thats what makes it cute.

    1. @obi one

      I have to admit that my stomach is literally burning with jealousy. Where was your high school? Somewhere in the West Coast? Too bad I went to high school in Japan, where skinship didn’t take place. That’s why this kind of dating sim game like Amagami is very popular among Japanese otakus. Do they have dating sim games in America? See, I watched Hollywood films, and thought American girls were like that, but turned out to be otherwise. I think partly because it’s something to do with racism, tenacious prejudice against immigrants still going on though we already have black President.

      Morishima-senpai is surely crazy, yet very skinship oriented, that’s what makes her heavenly. Yeah, Hiza-ura kiss, and equestrianism, the best skinship ever! Ah, I wouldn’t have come to the states if I had that kind of senpai in my school years in real life. Lack of skinship totally had negative effect on my personality and worldview. And I can’t be a 17 year-old high school student again. So, I can’t remake my high school life anymore. It’s tragedy. Melancholy, in Brazilian term, Saudade. That’s why 2-D is my salvation.

  7. LaMoe,

    I love how angry and passionate you are.
    It is as if you bare a part of your true self without caring what society will think of you on the internet.

    Truth be told, as a fellow Asian, I understand the feelings you have.
    Society really is much different in the East compared to the West, and I know all too well the difficulties of high school life in such a society.

    The insight you provide into the mind of a Japanese otaku is very interesting to me.

    1. @Aendin

      From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the comment you posted. Yes, I conceal my identity online, so I can write what I want. In Japan, being otaku can be the reason you get turned down by girls if they find out. 3-D is harsh.

      Yeah, I totally agree with you as my Asian fellow from Asia, Asia is utterly stifling to live. No wonder too many people commit suicide. I wish I could grow up in the West, where freedom of skinship flourishes, especially in high school. I can’t tell about Asians in the West though. I can only experience the West through immigrant’s eyes, not as an insider, which I totally regret. The only free place I can experience other than the West as a high school student is 2-D, especially moe-based romantic comedy anime.

    1. @otakufreak

      I agree. I took a look at the game on niconico, and holy sh@t!!!!!! Heavenly divine climax! I want to have a passport to 2D. I’m tired of reality. Amagami girls smile at me! How much I’ve been longing for that smile! I painfully wish I could elope with them!

      I want to see Ayatsuji-san on anime. Miya~, 24444, nishishishishi… I want to buy this game! Region code sucks!

  8. this is genuine advice. you know why your life sucks? because you suck socially and you care about it and want to get good at it. just live with the fact that you suck socially. become one of the loners-BY-CHOICE. be the dark horse, the mysterious one, the one that remains aloof. (dont be an emo and dont be rude to people because that’s overdoing it). be normal but be aloof. the first thing that’ll happen is that you’ll eventually find people LIKE YOU when you start acting LIKE YOU ARE. if you want a chick and are at least average looking. (it’s not about being a pretty boy, just be well-kempt and keep the aloof attitude). soon you wont be going to girls, girls’ll be coming to you out of simple intrigue.

    1. @Timmy,

      Thank you for the comment.

      I don’t think my life sucks because I suck. It’s the other way around: Society sucks, that’s why my life sucks. People in the market think I suck, but the market is the one sucks. Only 2-D girls know I don’t suck but swell like hell. I don’t think acting like “I’m a kimo-ota/hikikomori-BY-CHOICE” will intrigue 3-D girls to come to me.

      Yet, I see your point: whether it’s involuntary or voluntary. Incel (involuntary celibate) is frowned upon while voluntary celibacy like Buddhists monks and Catholic clergymen are celebrated despite the fact that we are the same by not getting any sexual partner.

      Regret, lamentation, wish to remake something that’s already done and past, these are Saudade (melancholy), which leads will to moe. Moetical refugee crossing the Red Sea to 2-D. Moexodus.

  9. on the flip side, if you want to continue in the “2D world” just STOP CARING about the 3D world. the 3D world can be harsh to people, but you cannot change it. asshole will remain assholes. so just let them be an be happy by yourself. also, the 2D world+imagination is a deadly combination when it comes to fantasies.

    its kinda embarassing to admit but i really love imagining myself in the 2D world. like let’s say i’m watching bleach, ill imagine being in there and have adventures! or imagine myself in ‘high school of the dead’ and start imagining myself around the sexy chicks and fighting zombies. i find it to be loads of fun.

    i don’t know man, imagination is an awesome weapon, use it and have fun.

    1. I hear you. And I’m glad that you’re one of us.

      But you know how harsh 3-D is, that’s why you find 2-D is awesome. Yeah, I agree, 3-D remains the same. I thought post-racial president would drastically change 3-D, but nothing has changed so far. I painfully learned that I can’t trust any politician. I figure some immigrants, especially female immigrants, assimilated in America through sexual relationships, including marriage. That’s the best way to get to “know” culture deeply: green card. Yet, we get yellow card instead, and worst, we might get red card in places like Arizona. Oh America, the land of free? America is still 3-D, so I figure 2-D is where you can find freedom. So, 2-D is real America. And I’m a true freedom seeker. Therefore, moe makes me real American. So, why bother about green card? Like you said, why bother about 3-D issues? I understand that. But I still want change I can believe in, though despair is what’s making me more 2-D kon recently. That’s why Amagami, LovePlus, these games are… I want LovePlus to be made into an anime…

  10. I personally like this anime. I mean, I’ve played the game on the PS2 and have completed each ending for it, and I do not see why that some people think that this is garbage. Well, I guess different people have different tastes, but seems pretty weird to me. I guess I’m more of the “semi-otaku” who just follows the majority and agrees with them. 😛

    1. @Person

      I really want to play that game! How do you get to play Japanese game? I can’t play it because of region code. So I’m watching the game on Niconico douga. Yeah, the game is great! I love Morishima-sempai and Ayatsuji-san. I wish they could be my girlfriend in real life. The very cruel world we live in, lack of skinship, lack of romantic intimacy, lack of coquetting, lack of divine tenderness of femininity, failing to have their soft hands hold my poor little hand, it’s simply excruciating, how painfully I long for freedom! After watching the game, I think the anime is also wonderful. Alternative story! It’s prerequisite for the anime. They should have said, “Play the game first!”

  11. Animation = 100%
    Story = Based on a Date-Sim, but none-the-less heart-warming.
    (Keyword being ‘heart-warming)
    (In case you are extra retarded, it’s ‘heart-warming’).
    Voice Acting = Phenomenal.

    Note: To people who bitch and complain about accuracy and how similar it is to the game, I am one who has not played the game, but simply watching the first ark I can tell I have more of a life than any of you critics, namely because I’m someone who can enjoy a good anime.

    Also, “the character’s are bland”? Seriously? Take a good fucking look around you.

    What this anime showed me in itself was that despite what is restricted in our world, we can still have fun in it, especially if you can find the right people, followed along with how to grow a heart.

    If you didn’t have a heart to begin with I suggest you watch the damn ark again and develop one.
    If this don’t work, try TTGL. That’d probably fuel your spirit.

    If you don’t wish to have a heart, then by all means, head back to your Twilight faggotry.

    1. @ M.L.

      I’m not a critic. I’m just a hikky otaku. If you think this anime has surpassed the state of ordinary without knowing the original, then you think like that. To me, the plot went too quick, as if it was some sort of speed dating. But maybe it was natural since Morishima-senpai already had an eye on him. Actually she was the one made a move, initiating a conversation with Tachibana. How awesome is that? I wish American girls were as pursuant as Senpai. I heard Swedish girls are very pursuant, hitting on sensitive types like otaku. I better move to Sweden?

      My heart is always empty. This emptiness inside has long been painful. That’s why I watch anime. No girl has filled my heart in 3-D, that’s why Amagami is really divine. So, I’ve already been doing what you just suggested.

      I’m not into Mecha, or violent anime, I’m um filho de Gandhy, but romantic comedy, especially the girls’ heavenly romantic gossip-like anime.

      I’m also not into vampire stuff. It’s just savage to me. Did I just offend a million of girls? Well then, I actually have no problem with vampire anime.

  12. Thank you for the review!

    I waited a couple weeks to write this comment, because i wanted to watch a few episodes more of Amagami SS. I have to say that I am a little bit suprised. The first episode it was not too exciting for me, because there was not action, but later this is different story. I guess is the weirdest anime I have ever seen before (the truth is that I saw maybe 8 or 9 titles like Naruto, Death Note, D.Gray-man, etc.) I mean these weird kisses in navel or in the back of the knee, I love that so much.

    In my country where I live (maybe you heard about Poland) this types of situations are impossible. Girls are closed, they do not speak too much with boys and answer for question “Can I kiss you in navel” is probably hit in your face! I have a girlfriend, but i guess she is not so confident like Haruka Morishima or Kaoru Tanamachi. Yeah, I have to find another type of girl in other country.

    And the question: There are so pretty girls in Japan?

    Ow, spending Christmas with girls would be great!

    1. @W.Z.

      Thank you very much for the comment from your cultural perspective. It’s always very interesting to learn other cultures.

      I see, so Polish girls don’t really have skinship…I didn’t know that. I thought EU was much freer than Japan. My humble guess is that Poland was long suppressed by communism, that’s why girls are still very conservative. And religious conservative Roman Catholicism might be one of the factors, since John Paul II was from Poland. In turn, I hear Swedish girls are really free, they go after sensitive boys instead of macho men. Should we move to Sweden?

      Yes, there’re many cute girls in Japan indeed, but the problem is they never went out with me. Moreover, we don’t get to meet Haruka or Kaoru in real life. Reality is harsh. That’s why Amagami is very utopic.

      Yeah, I wish I could spend X-mas with girls. If I could, I would never have moved out of Japan.

      We for sure love to have skinship like navelkiss and kneeback kiss. How awesome would that be! If only society was freer… So we have to find girls in 2-D (video game, anime) instead of 3-D (reality)…thus, saudade…

  13. man, how could u think 2-D girs can satisfy u….? I mean the life and the society are not suck anyways. Being honest, I feel I am not ready for love although I was 19 now :D. But somehow I think I the love will come to me or I will find it soon ^^. The point is u must be active and be kind with girls like Junichi did. If u don’t, girls will think ” hmm, this guy ‘s boring ” and then u got nothing…. hmm I got a lots chance to get girls but I always fail. Why? B/c I was so shy at that time… I wish I have enough confident like Junichi in Amagami SS. Say again, u ca n do everything u want if u ‘re confident. I hope u got me ^^ . Btw I ‘m from Vietnam, still in Asia 😛

    1. @Jason N

      Thank you for your comment. I’m always very honored to have a comment from overseas. I want to learn more about Vietnamese culture!

      I’ve been very kind to girls. I have always been supportive to them. I’ve gone to a few feminist rallies and marched with them carrying placards, demanding more power to women. “Shy” is not antonym of “confident.” Shy boys are confident. I’m a sensitive otaku, but I’m confident and active enough to join the march with women. When I was walking with them in the street, some macho men yelled at us “you faggots!” But I didn’t even flicker. Makoto (Junichi) is only kind to women he wants to grope, but I’m kind to whole women!

      So it’s not question of confidence girls are looking for, but whether macho or not. Actually a lot of girls say they love to date shy or sensitive boys. But they go out with macho men. Why? Because of biological evolution and also a cultural factor. America praises machismo. Latin-American countries too. I think more than 90% of the world praises machismo, and I think Vietnam too. So it’s otaku against the world. I believed in change, I thought Kenyan’s son could change the entire 3-D world. But that was my delusion, so now I only got 2-D.

      2-D girls are totally spiritual. Carnal satisfaction doesn’t apply. It’s spiritual satisfaction. Yet, it’s not only about satisfaction but also salvation.

      Anyway, I hope you will find a great romance, and best luck with you!

  14. @Monsieur LaMoe
    wow, your problem seem to be so serious than I thought. And… oh sorry but I don’t have much knowledge about that field, so I just hope you can find the better way to solve the problem soon (enough). Thanks about your information, there is something I didn’t know about this world, it was helpful. So I think this will be better that not be so sad or depressed because you ‘re otaku, I do understand how they feel even I am not the same. Then just know you ‘re sensitive man….. Btw I ‘m a sensitive man, too 🙂 and I feel great ‘cuz I can feel a lot of things, even a little thing. Anyway, hope u will be ok ^^. Good luck man ! Future will never end if u don’t give up =)

    1. @Jason N

      Thank you very much for replying. How I see the world is based on my personal experience in Japan and USA. I don’t know about Vietnam, so I like to hear the situation in Vietnam, especially romantic situations, like how do they date, what age do they usually start dating, is prematiral sex seen as immoral or acceptable, what is the level of skinship in Vietnam.

      Thank you very much for understanding. Yes, exactly! Yes, we can feel a lot of things, even a small little thing. Every little thing. Since we both understand each other, we should have tea together sometimes…

  15. oh talk about teenager of Vietnamese, they like to go out together in romantic place ( depend on how they feel ) but always is coffee shop. However, those place are decorated very nice. They also go to restaurant or some of foreign restaurants like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese etc. Yeah I also love to eat Jpn food too, so delicious :D. Then talk about the age, man I am not pretty sure but today they love each other too soon, about 13+, they know how to “love” each other. But I think that ‘s just a feeling of growing up teenager. Depend on how they “believe and love their lover” they can give all of themselves @@ and this is truth. But it just take 1 small part in all. Sound like Jpn huh, I heard and see that Jpn high school student always do ” something ” =)) before graduation, if they love s.o.
    Yeah I would like to talk and share with somebody have same feeling with me, but I think chat in here or through messenger software application is ok. Having tea together is totally impossible for 2 of us =.= even I want it anyway, ‘cuz you ‘re in Jp then I now study in Au, so far away …. O_o
    But in the future I wish I can visit Jp, such a lovely country ^^ I very like it.
    So have a good day man 🙂

    1. @Jason N

      Thank you very much for the explanation. Do they have Starbucks in Vietnam? So, Vietnamese teen’s romantic situation is very close to Japanese. Yeah, that’s true about Japanese teens, before graduation…if you fail, they call you a loser. I heard America is more liberal than Japan, but turns out to be otherwise. They’re extremely uptight about sexuality. I believe I’m the source of sexiness, but girls obviously don’t see that way, so I have to resort to moe. USA is still rampant with prejudice, bigotry, and racism. Reality is harsh.

      Wow, you’re in Australia. How’s weather over there? And how are girls over there? Are they different from Vietnamese girls? I’m in NAFTA, North America. Yes, physically trapped in 3-D, it’s impossible to have tea together. The best place to have tea is Maid-café. If you go to Akiba, Japan, there will be a lot of these. And the cute maids will serve you until your head explode, dying of too much nose-bleeding. If you ever visit Japan, Akiba is the place to go. Yes, Japanese food is great. I like Vietnamese food. I went to Pho restaurant several times.

      Thanks, have a good day to you also!

  16. well I think we can have more chatting like that, this is great. ’cause I can’t find any foreigner who like anime or manga, sound so interesting huh 😀 … hmmm the weather in here quite good, in the end of winter so the weather is a little bit cold in the morning and evening. But man, it ‘s hot in the afternoon O_o such a heat of desert :D. yeah I see Japan has a lot of maid-cafe and I would like to visit there, seem like the anime kaichou wa-maid sama :D, there are many cute girls here. So I think I will visit Japan in the future ( if I have a chance ) ^^. Btw if u want to chat more with me, you can contact me through facebook ( if u do use it now ), my name in there is Jason Nguyen Tam. Thanks and good day man !

    1. @Jason N

      Really? Foreigners in Australia don’t watch anime? What’s wrong with them? Isn’t anime popular in Australia?

      I see, it’s a desert weather, hu? Las Vegas is like that too. Afternoon is hot. And evening is cold. But “some like it hot,” said Marylin Monroe.

      Yeah, Kaicho wa maid-sama! Very shojo-ish. I don’t understand why that girl is so romantically challenged. It’s very unusual for a girl to be that dull. Usually, girls’ romantic antenna is as sharp as dog’s nose. Yes, Japanese girls are very cute. I wish their personality were as cute as 2-D girls. Not defiled by market fundamentalist consumerism.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a facebook account. But I do have twitter. @MonsieurLaMoe Do you tweet?

      Thanks, nice talking to you. Good day sunshine!

  17. wow. im amazed that a lot people actually like this. Im from the philippines. I don’t have actually a time to watch this one but because it has great review, i did. It was great to watch another romantic kind of stuff like this since toradora. Im just sad that my life isn’t like Junichi. Well, its still good to watch so that i can learn MAYBE a lots of things. hehehe

    BTW. will Junichi win every girl in every arcs, I would like to see him fail. even just once.

    This series is great.

    1. @moonlightmde

      From the Philippines! Welcome to AnimeDiet. And thank you for stopping by and commenting on my article. I really appreciate that. It’s always exciting to read comments from overseas.

      Yes, I really liked Toradora too. It was great! Yeah, I feel the same way. I’m depressed because my life isn’t like Junichi. Going thru rejections has made me traumatized. If only I was accepted… Yeah, 2-D is an alternative to this cruel 3-d world. Amagami makes me sing, “Goodbye cruel world…”

      Yeah, I also don’t want him to succeed. I wish to see him fail like Makoto from School Days. He already made three cutest girls his. He had enough. He can die without any single regret like Raoh from Fist of The North Star. In turn, I have too much regret, so I have to live, I have to be immortal, and I wish to be 17 forever! So I can take back what I’ve lost in my adolescence.

  18. haha but I don’t think Junichi deserve to die, ‘cuz this anime is separated into many cases, so no reason 4 him to die =.= ??? …… But the guy Makoto is the one bastard, dead is logicaly. And LaMoe, do u use any messenger software applications like yahoo or msn, meebo or sth !?

    1. @Jason N

      Right. There are so many arcs. But just only once, I want to see him fail. Just once. Yeah, that’s so true about Makoto.

      Nah, I don’t use any messenger service. Maybe I should make one, hu?

  19. Honestly…you’re words pictured you as an envious bastard who’s hard to deal with.

    well…I can’t blame you for being such a moron cause life is very unfair.

    1. @Leander

      I agree life is unfair. But I have to be clear, I’m not a bastard nor a moron, no way, de ninguna manera. It’s our society, the 3-D world that is hard to cope with. I’m a good person. I’ve lived righteously. I’m not those DQN such as gangs, mafias, yakuzas, religious extremists, and terrorists that are constantly terrorizing our neighborhood.

  20. Hey there! I just wrote a huge comment, since your review and the comments you wrote about yourself reminded me of myself, and deleted it… But i know how you feel. I was just like you till couple of months ago. But I changed now. I got back to the real world, shitty and cruel, but the only real world we acctually have. And i must say it ain’t that bad at all, just if you’re strong enough 🙂
    All in all, just to know i’m there for a good otaku talk.

    1. @she

      Why did you delete it? I really wanted to read your comments. Wouldn’t you want to share your experience with me? I do. It’s always good to know someone out there who went thru 3-D absurdity. What method do you use to be strong enough to endure 3-D? Romantic relationship/skinship?

      Not only me but I think human beings are really fragile creatures without romance. But I can’t get any, so I need fantasy. Without fantasy, I would have mental disorder. Probably due to my hypersensitivity, so I need 2-D to keep myself up. Such as Amagami SS, especially Sae-chan!

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