Toradora 4 – heart, comedy, interaction, quirkiness without exaggeration…What the hell more do you want?

It’s only episode 4 and I’m already in love with the characters.

Isn’t it awesome when the cast is just right and they interact so well?

Kugimi the small, straight up honest (but powerful) girl, Ryuji the nice, unassuming and cleanliness obsessed wife like character, Kitamura actually confessed to Taiga (gasp), and Horie Yui the supreme genki girl that just light up anyone’s day…

Excellent interactions that just begged to be discussed.

Usually slice of life shows are impossible for me to talk about, but this isn’t the case.

Things are definitely well setup and connected. Taiga’s apartment, for example. Upon first look through Ryuji’s eyes, it’s stark, empty, not feminine at all.

But Ryuji is the feminine character here. He’s kind of looking at it using a TRADITIONAL woman’s point of view. But Taiga seems to be perfectly happy with it.

Reversal of classic JAPANESE gender, anyone? Next, When Ryuji thinks of Taiga’s apartment again, the audience then understands what the apartment is like: honest, straight up, no fuss and nothing to hide. Just like Taiga

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Kitamura confessed to Taiga before? But Taiga was probably too shy to say yes? Ohhhhh…Tsundere mode, banzai!

(Mike drooling over Kugimi)

Well, I’ve been drooling over Taiga (Kugimi) myself anyways…

This is another comedy team that I don’t want to miss. Great show and great job!

Author: Ray

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  1. The Ryuji facepalm near the end was freaking EPIC. I can’t say the show’s that great, but I do enjoy watching it every week with mai waifu.

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