Akane Iro Ni Somarusaka 05 – Tsundere

Tsundere does run for both sexes, you know. As a matter of fact, I’m a tsundere…


Ouch!, OK fine, on with the episode.

It’s always nice to hear Aya-chan coo and dere dere and being a really nice girl. Here, in this episode, she tries to set Junichi and Yuuhi up and well, it seems to work for them so far. But as every dating/harem anime veteran knows, in the end the nice girl who tries to set the main guy and another girl up will always break down, and in the case of School Days, really, really, really bad shit happens.

Kugimi goes through the same tsundere mode being a little bit on the dere side as this is episode 5, almost half way through the show. Her ojosama mode is fading – she was quite awesome with that and I couldn’t tell it was her during episode 1. But in any case, Yuuhi’s obviously starting to notice the good qualities of Junichi – he’s pretty tough when needed, has an edge and is actually quite a decent guy underneath all the crap he likes to show.

For all her tsundere power, it’s Aya-chan’s Minato that I can’t forget.

Dere-dere voice, a little bit whiny (but the cute kind), a little girl pleading voice with enough maturity that’s simply irresistible. We know that Minato and Junichi aren’t real brother and sister (lucky bastard) and she’s tells the truth – that she’s adopted – or not, maybe Junichi is adopted. In any case, the tension between the two is delicious and Yuuhi can’t help but feel at least a little big jealous.

The seiyuu match in this one to watch is definitely Kugimi VS Aya-chan. Rierie is around but she doesn’t do that much – but being the little devil that she is, her character adds enough fun to the show.

The strange mind-fuck stuff (what, someone talking in Junichi’s head) fades and we’re more of less settled into the normal high school drama mode.

It’s pure seiyuu power making it all interesting, otherwise it’d be another average show with a strange twist.

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2 thoughts on “Akane Iro Ni Somarusaka 05 – Tsundere

  1. I really liked this series, but I did not like the ending

    I DEFINETELY prefered Yuuhi to Minato. I’m not exactly sure why.

  2. That’s a nice combo (are you referring to Yuichi to Yuuhi). Yuuhi is a great girl to be with and she’s more realistic, if that’s possible.

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