Chaos; HEAD 04 – If we can take this seriously…(by Ray)

Then we’d be Tyler, or psycho, or just a teenage guy with serious delusional issues and an Otaku (already two strikes) but let’s that it seriously anyhow…

If Taku is not merely delusional, and something wrong really is going on around him with he being the center of it all, then he faces 2 really serious issues:

1. He’s the only person that left that murder scene alive and nobody sees anyone else but him.

2. His reality is being forcefully integrated into a dating sim graphic novel and he’s already a little bit confused about reality.

There are obviously more problems going on, but let’s take a look at these two issues.

As the police is onto him, all they need is to either process the DNA off him (too much CSI for me), and even if the only reason he has the victim’s DNA on him is because he’s stupid enough to touch one of the stakes; not to mention the stake is probably enough to convict him since his DNA is all over it. Even without blood on the stake, that pretty much says: I’m the killer.

After all, he’s the only person recorded running away from the murder scene. I remember there’s some blood on him as we see in episode 1 or 2. That goes back to the theory that he really is the killer, and that he’s just delusional and he’s making all these stranger characters (like the guy in the wheelchair in this episode who calls himself “Shogun”) up in his head. But again, the premise here is that he’s slowly being dragged into a huge apocalyptic event and that he’s being framed so that he won’t be able to do anything to save the world…

Well, there is this beggar guy with the sign: “Please punish this town.”

However, so far, everything points that he’s the killer and not a victim of manipulation.

Of course, again, with Twilight Zone style plots, he could very well be under some kind of conspiracy. And…

2. His reality is being forcefully integrated into a dating sim graphic novel and he’s already a little bit confused about reality –

Now that’s not good at all, because if he can’t shake his fantasies off, he’ll have trouble deciding who’s with him and who’s not. If he’s not Tyler Durden, then he’s in deep shit, because currently he doesn’t have any allies (whiny as he is, he’s right). All he gets are clues and useless artifacts (what, even if that sword is only 100 bucks, it shouldn’t break so easily). It doesn’t help that he seems pretty powerless, unlike these girls, whom have swords (we learn that they all do from the OP).

Of course, different fetishes are catered here – this time, Nabameme’s Aoi Sena-chan gives a nice ashikoki, which is a standard plot for an older woman picking on a younger guy fantasy. But in any case, this we do know – the Di-swords are real (remember Kishimoto Ayase has one, even when Taku’s fantasy goes away he still sees the sword).

With the swords seemingly real, then there is a possibility that Taku isn’t just fantasizing everything while being the killer (that’d be the primary BAD END), that some demon king is ready to wake, and somehow this Otaku-borderline Hikkikimori (not the blog) or almost NEET is the key to save something.

If he can save himself first.

It’s a typical dating sim turned anime plot, which ending are they going to use?

Not bad, not really mediocre, and at least keeping me intrigued. The Lain sequence with Shogun is classic.

Author: Ray

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