Ga-Rei Zero 05 – the Rival Bitch who may become the trigger

You know, so far there has been absolutely no indication how Yomi is going to turn evil at all. It’s already episode 5 and this is slated to be a 13-episode series. It’s not looking good for that plot so far.

First 3 episode sold on shock factor, with people from episode one being absolutely pointless sacrifices and starting from episode 4, we get the real story.

Again, it really isn’t look good for that major plot.

From the OP and ED and especially the ED, we know the story is going to revolve mainly between the tie of Kagura and Yomi, and so far, Yomi is the responsible older sister and Kagura is the cute little sister who walks out of her shell.

I’ll call it now – this will not end on episode 13 (duh), and “please read the manga” is my guess.

It was pretty funny for me when Nigaitou pretended to pounce all over Nori, and Yomi just throw the tea on him and the thing just blew on his face. But it’s the scene back in the office that tipped me off.

They were trying to kill each other. In real life, some people do that and ultimately become couples, although how realistic is that is my question. But I felt like these two could’ve killed each other. Sure they kissed near the end of the episode, but using killer spiritual beasts in a confrontation? That was too much.

So far, nothing is indicating what’s going to break Yomi. I really hope they don’t pull a Tomino-newtype-rebellion junk on me. Even to a UC-loyalist (well, OK, I didn’t see ZZ), the parts where Newtypes just switches loyalty are just downright unconvincing for me. The change in heart always seems so sudden.

I’ll tell ya, that seems to be pretty much the way this show is going to convince me of Yomi’s change. After all, character development takes time, and time is running out on this show.

Minorin’s OP is saigo!!!!

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  1. Im aware of the fact that this is like 6 years old but still, haters gotta hate haha nah… Well yeah it took its time to come to the point were Yomi becomes “evil”. It was made, in my eyes, perfectly. Yomi was understandable and I actually felt bad for her. The 13 episodes they used were more then enough time for the story to evolve and become great. The anime had one of the saddest endings since a long time, for my taste, without me having the urge to puke (or me just getting bored). Ga rei is dark but it doesnt have that much gore (if you compare it to Elfen Lied or Deadmen Wonderland) what makes this series so great is that in the beginning you’ll just hate Yomi and in the end, when you know whats all going on, you’re just gonna be like “Yomi please dont do this, please stop it, I want a frikkin happy ending with you and your lil sis Kagura, dont you f*ckin dare kill that guy now…” In my eyes Ga rei zero and Ga rei at all, was and is getting underrated. So if anybody is reading this who hasnt watched the anime or the Manga or bouth (cause the Manga plays after the anime) than first…stop spoiling yourself, and start watching or reading or yes, do bouth if ya havent read the manga nore watched the anime( if you are searching for an anime to watch) but warning: dont get attached to the main charas in episode 1. Luckely I disliked them from the beginning otherwise that could have been a shock muhaha (dark evil laugh)

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