Haganai episode 1 Buhihi!

Haganai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai “I don’t have many friends”) is pretty hilarious! Buhihihi!

It’s a school comedy about zannenkei bishojo (残念系美少女 “disappointing pretty girls”), who would’ve had many friends only if they were likable, e.g., Haruhi.

Yozora, a black hair girl, is hypersensitive, easily gets offended and explodes violently. So, she ends up hanging out with her ‘Air friend’ just like an air guitar, an imaginary friend that Kurt Cobain also had inside his head, which he called “Boddah.” So, Yozora desperately wants to make friends, so she decides to create rinjin-bu (隣人部 “neighbors club”), with the spirit of “Love Thy Neighbor.” Yes, it is a Catholic school, since their school name is St. Chronica Academy!

Yes, it’s a Christian anime. Yozora’s sister cosplay is surely moe-zokusei (moe attribute)!

The other girl is Sena-sama, the daughter of the school chairman, very typical…a stuck up blonde with big breasts, popular among male students. She calls them geboku (下僕 “slaves”). During the bubble economy, these men were called, “messhii (meal bringer), asshii (driver), mitsugu-kun (tribute payer).” But now, they are simply called geboku, much worse than a girl from Hotel California, “She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends.” Why can’t she see them as friends rather than slaves? I reckon she just needs an attitude makeover. She would be getting uchichichi (chop off breasts) in Manyuu.

Riajū (リア充 “content with reality”) is what Yozora says about someone who has a lot of friends regardless of gender. Well, for me, it’s a dude who has a lot of girlfriends to fool around. Yes, a dude who can spend Christmas Eve with a girl. Yes, ikemen, playboy, content with 3D life. Otaku’s archenemy!

So, I rather have aijin-bu (愛人部 “lovers club”). But the word Aijin is more like a mistress, has an adulterous connotation. So, koibito-bu (恋人部 “lovers club”) is better. Otherwise, I have to form a band like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band! Or suketto-bu (助人部 assist club), that is Sket Dance.

But I was a kitaku-bu (帰宅部 “going home club” “ghost club member” i.e., “person without any club”) after all. Japan is a society that judges you based on which social group you belong to rather than who you are as an individual. Yes, the Katagaki (social status, position) culture. Thus, kitaku-bu is a synonym for “outcasts.” Without katagaki, the Japanese people get anxious, especially the pre-bubble generations.

But the Katagaki culture is disappearing. The Showa values are now going to be obsolete. But that doesn’t alleviate the pain of being lonesome. You still want to hang out and share the same school life experience. You might have a lot of friends on a social networking site, but they aren’t tangible, and you aren’t tangible to them either.

Yes, tangibility is what we need. Who wants to be Madoka that Mary Magdalene can’t touch, declaring “Noli Me Tangere“? Proximity, closeness, tangibility, that’s what friends are for, including girlfriend and boyfriend, the ultimate friendship!

Is rinjin-bu going to start Free Hugs Campaign at school? If not, then I should go out with my air girlfriend.



Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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