Oreshura is cute! From omamagoto to shuraba!


Oreshura is really cute. Ushishishishi! Cutistically cute. It’s so cutistic. Picazo started cubism, but anime fandom starts cutism, yes, dessemination of kawaii, as being a cutist kawaii evangelist. Cutisticality is what is all about!Chiwa is so cute, she’s really short, and she is a childhood friend of Ei-kun, a high schooler who is studying hard to be a doctor. Very cute. Choker around her neck. Orange hair. She acts like imouto, although she’s three months older than Ei-kun.


But I immediately know that she’s in love with him! Yes, girls in anime are so obvious. I wish 3D girls were like that, so I don’t need to go to maid cafe. Oh man, the way she cares about Ei-kun, I think she knows she loves him somewhere in her head, but she’s a typical shoujo that she can’t yet to admit that. Yes, otome’s psychology is pretty funny, complicated? No, it’s plainly simple. She wants her feeling to be realized. Make him realize then, confess your feeling to him! Plain and simple! But why can’t she do that? Why do otomes always want to be realized rather than working on him actively? Just do it! So cute, Chiwa. Chihuahua! Ahh, I want her. I want to pet her head so bad!chiwa3

The OP is so wonderfully good by Tamura-Yukarin. Girlish lover! I want to play this song, copy chords. It’s more refreshing than B-Gata H-Kei. Oh yes, Yamada. A really good looking voluptuous body girl, Masuzu, made a fake confession to Ei-kun, and ohhh, Chiwa found about that and got jealous, and that caused me to have orgasmic reaction! Kawamori’s divine theme, love triangle! But man, this Masuzu seems really evil, not evil evil, but a little devilish, yes, a ko-akuma.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (My girlfriend and my childhood friend are too much in the battlefield of Asura).

Shuraba means “war between Asura and Indra,” or plainly “Asura world.” Yes, it’s in Sanskrit, Buddhist culture. The original concept came from India. Shura is Asura and ba is place. Yes, literally bloodbath. Battlefield. And, omamagoto is a Japanese house game played by little kids, taking a role of wife and husband. In Chiwa’s head, she is a wife and Ei-kun is her husband. And from childhood, it has been peaceful that way. But a new Nordic voluptious girl suddenly apppeared, and yes, once her husband gets threatened, no, I mean in this case, really NTRed by another super sexy hot girl of the same age and same grade, her everlasting peace totally collapsed. Yes, welcome to the adult world! From omamagoto to shuraba! From fantasy to reality!



Yes, Masuzu is like a Marylyn Monroe in Seven Year Itch. And panchira! Indeed, panchira was started by Monroe! Yes, Chiwa witnesses Ei-kun’s seven year itch. Then, she gets really agitated, and yells at Eikun, “You traitor!” How can you betray me? Hahaha! So cute! You need my permission to date my Ei-kun. Since I have Droit Du Seigneur over Ei-kun! Or Droit De La Dame, since Chiwa is a girl.


Then, Chiwa decides to become sexy and attractive and popular among boys, thus becoming a woman by joining a club that is formed by Masuzu, her romantic enemy. The club is basically, “society of girls self-produce otome (maiden).” Then, the first assignment that Masuzu gives to Chiwa is to act like a wild guitarist.


And the stereotype of a rock’n roller guitarist is just funny. Guitarists are easy to get pissed. That’s the charm point of guitarists, according to Masuzu. Yes, that’s what I’m lacking, easy to get pissed off. I play guitar, but my guitar is bossa nova mainly, I don’t play electric, so it’s hard to get pissed with a nylon-string guitar. But look at Yui or Azunyan, they are extremely cute, but wild also. And, they get pissed too, but in a cute way. Yes, moe way! Pissed off moetically. Not like these 70s guitarists, most of them became either haijin (drug addicts) or dead. Yes, I want to punch the wall and tell a girl, “be mine.” Shintani Ryouko said that was the best ideal moe situation. Kabe-don (wall bang). That’s what I need. Bad temper is bad ass. Chiwa also has a bad temper, or I should say an easily get pissed off emotion, since she used to be a kendo swordsman. Yes, a small girl but wild! So cute!

Well, if you want to see her swordsmanship history behind, check out crunchyroll. Worth watching her cuteness. And of course, her achienemy, the seductress, Masuzu by Yukarin! Highly recommended!



Update: Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure is what Masuzu is into. So, Jojo will be a good reference.

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