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Amagami SS, Nakata route!

Oh my gosh! Too cute!

Nakata Sae, oh my gosh, she’s really really cuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! The third arc of Amagami SS is Sae-chan! The embodiment of cuteness! I mean, the game version of her is really cute. It’s regrettable that Anime version of Sae-chan is very disintegrating, drawing-wise.

Darn it! Yeah, I thought my favorite was Morishima-senpai. Yet, that was until I encountered Sae-san. She’s very pure-hearted, but extremely shy, averts eye-contacts and avoids people like a little animal. She’s physically small too. Her height is not even 5 feet tall. Yet, she has fairly a good size of chest. And her personality is very much like me! Yeah, I listed all the phobias I have in this article, and I think it perfectly fits her too. I think she can’t cope with stressful social interaction due to hypersensitivity to criticism and rejection. Even teacher’s constructive criticism is painful to her. Same with me! I totally understand you, Sae-chan! Let’s run away and elope together!

I like spring, because it's pokapoka.

Which season does she like? She answers, “I like spring, because it is pokapoka(warm).” The way she chooses the word. Pokapoka is so childish, immature, adults usually don’t use that word, but OMG, if she uses it, it’s cuuuutee!!!! Vivaldi must be dancing in his grave! Mo…mo…moe~!

I can't have a bitter drink. So, I put a lot of milk and sugar.

And she can’t drink coffee. How cute! So, she puts milk and sugar in it. Me too! I don’t like coffee. I can’t have caffeine. Coffee makes your heart dirty. All salarymen are dirty. 3-D (market fundamentalist society) stresses out people to consume coffee and cigarette. So, I always order decaf, and put cream to ease its bitterness. Cigarette is big NO! It’s just vice. Yeah, I’m sensitive to caffeine and nicotine, world deadliest stimulants, so I avoid them. It’s the smell of 3-D. So, I avoid French café but I love French maids. We don’t want to contaminate maids with secondhand smoke. Yes, decaffeinated maids! That is  maider’s café! I’m a maider, a person devoted to maid. Let’s celebrate May Day, maid-day = maiday, m’aider!

She just transferred from all girls school to coed. Man, it must be rough for her. Her sense of inadequacy is alerted. She can’t fit in, so she finds herself alone. Well, she was bullied by boys in kindergarten, and still today, she feels high-strung to talk to men. Yeah, I’m androphobic too because of the similar experience with macho men. So, we do have a lot in common!

Did I finally meet..
my only prince I had believed for a long time?

Did I finally meet my only prince I had believed for a long time?” Oh man, that line! Guha! That line penetrated my heart! I almost died from that phrase! My heart almost exploded! Auu… She’s just sweet, as if she still believes in Santa Claus. She’s the beautiful dreamer. She can still have a dream even in this cruel 3-D world! I just want to hug her!

"Sometimes I make an obento, so let's..."

Ah, when she made obento, I was just flabbergasted. “I sometimes make obento, so…let’s…” With that Tenshinhan’s kikoho hand gesture and how she looks at you straight into your eyes, blushing her cheeks! And that upward glance… my entire body would melt away! I don’t think any guy can refuse her obento! Pokapoka bento! Bento-magic!

Ah, no girl made obento for me in high school! What a melancholic high school years! Yes, lack of skinship is the reason I left that stupid country. But also lack of emotional exchange, especially in a form of obento, cooked specifically for me, I didn’t get to eat any of that. Life is unfair! Give me back my adolescence! I wish I could be 17 again! I want to redo my life as though pressing the reset button! But I can’t, so only sadness remains. I totally agree with Inoue Kikuko‘s cult, 17 year old is the best time. “She was just 17, you know what I mean!

"Senpai. Do you have a girlfriend?"

And she asks if you have a girlfriend! Ah, no girl asked me if I had a girlfriend in high school. How sad… Life is not fair.

"Would hand?" Uru-uru beam from her eyes.

And she even asks you to hold her hand. I mean she’s really shy, so it’s amazing for her to ask that. That takes courage! A whole otakus applauded her. She deserves Purple Heart! Ah, just cute. Yes, of course, any time! I can hold your hand anytime you want. I mean, I want to hold your hand!

Ah, and the ending of Amagami SS, Nakata Sae version. Golly! Her singing sucks, Simon Cowell would tear her apart. But that also adds on top of her cuteness. Clumsiness enhances it. Yes, might is right, cuteness is might! She makes us purified. Whenever otakus see a uru-uru (watery eyes) beam from her eyes, they comment, “Ahhhh! Don’t look at me like that. I’m defiled. My whole body is made of dirt, so I would be evaporated to nothing if you look at me like that.

You know, we’ve all become cynical pessimists growing up. So, we lost our innocence. And we stopped dreaming. But, MLK’s speech was a wake-up call for not only Americans but all grownups. Yes, Nakata Sae represents the hope we lost a long time ago. When I was 17…

Yeah, we’re not pure enough to date her. But, it’s 2-D! It’s okay to date!!! Femme moetical. That’s how we regain purity! Purity of the 17 years old! Fragrant meadow of adolescence. Paradise regained! That’s the quintessence of moe!

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