Amagamista’s moeuphoria

"Was my ass that spectacular?"
“Hey, was my ass that spectacular?” – Kaoru Tanamachi

Just bought Amagami PS Vita version since it released on the end of January. The quality is really good, enhanced from PC and PSP versions. Yup, this is the paradise game that saves perverted gentlemen’s lonely hearts club otaku. (変態紳士倶楽部)

Capitalism's Bitch
Capitalism’s Bitch, Shiba-inu-ko

3D is run by capitalism symbolized by Capitalism’s Bitch, Shiba-inu-ko. Yes, wagging the tail, wagtail or sekirei, but no money, no honey…but Amagami girls are really lovely, yes Lovely Morishima.

Lovely Morishima.
Lovely Morishima.

The girl initially I liked was Nakata Sae, a kouhai in anime version. Her personality is very similar to mine, passive and shy and strong inhibition. She is female love shy. But as I play game, all girls except for Rihoko have become all attractive to me. Yes, Lovely Morishima, very sexy and airhead, and the only senpai, yes, onee-chan. Ohhh, she treats you like a puppy. And that role play being a puppy kissing the back of her knee, and yes, as perorist, peroperoperopero!


Nanasaki, she is kouhai, or imouto, but insolent, and teaser too, yes very stimulant. Flashing under skirt (panchira), but actually it’s swimsuit, not pantsu, since she belongs to the school swimming team. The most shocking moment.


And Kaoru, same year, yes, best friend since middle school, can talk anything with her, yeah, she is almost like a guy friend, she is too close that you can’t be aware that she is actually a girl. But, she is actually popular among guys, and she gets love letters at school, and then the main character realizes that she’s a girl and feel jealous and yeah. Yes, she is my dream. Grew up girl-less, no female siblings, I always wanted to have a close female friend. I never had any close female friend in my life, the girl you hang out with, and joke about erotic stuff and have fun together. She even jokes, “Was my ass that spectacular?” Hehehe, hell yeah! C…can I have skinship with your derriere? I like Kaoru, she’s very open to anyone, energetic and lively and active, and also strong physically. She can beat up some peeping tom at school and hand over to the authority. I like her back story, that she has been raised by a single mom. So yeah, but the best one is also she lets you kiss her belly bottom. Yeah, a lot of skinship you can have! Oh yes, kiss her smooth abdomen, the most shocking and euphoric moment! Yes, abdomen needs to be smooth, not like Mikasa’s abs on the contrary.

“Ayatsuji-san, please let me touch your breast!!!”

And Ayatsuji-san, the class president of same class. She is really a politician, but very evil. She is really intelligent and quick, acute, brain is always full speed running, and a logic argument master. She can be the head of Toast Master. She puts good face on surface, but actually very dark. When nobody is around, she changes her personality and treats you like an inferior creature. And she is S, treats you like a slave, she has leadership, but to some extent, she is a bad boss. But to otaku, do-M people, this is very pleasurable. “I want to be mistreated by her, step on my face.” The main character is perverted gentleman, brave to ask her to let you touch her oppai. Ohh, he’s gonna get killed!

"Hey Rihoko, you breasts are actually big, aren't they?"
“Hey Rihoko, you breasts are fairly big, aren’t they?”

Yes, when I watched anime, my favorite character was Sae, but as playing game, I’ve fallen in love with all the girls. They are all ore-no-yome (my waifu)! Yes, anime was too short to go over all characters in detail. The only girl I couldn’t really get in is Rihoko. She is childhood friend of the main character. But childhood friend is too close. Rihoko has big oppai, but I don’t know, childhood friend is not appealing to me. And Rihoko is dull and slow, and she eats a lot of cake, gluttony, so even during summer, she wears sweater or cardigan to cover up her waistline, which to me is totally unappealing, turning me down any moetic potentiality. Chubby tummy is big no. Over-muscular abs is fearsome too, but chubby tummy (panzon) is totally unacceptable. I love smooth abdomen, and probably the best abdomen is Kaoru, yes, smooth, not muscular, and not chubby, yes, sublime extremely exquisite sexy abdomen. More moetic than zettai-ryouiki. That’s why Kaoru is my favorite.

Anyway, this is really a great dating sim! Ah, how I wish I could play all day long! 2D is the best! The things you can’t do in 3D, yeah, 2D is awesome! And the best event is Xmas date! That’s exactly what I wanted to do in high school! Xmas event is teleology of my whole life, my life itself is Amagami! To have ultimate skinship on Xmas! If this happened to me in high school, I would never have left Japan and immigrated into USA. This moetic game is making me an amagamista, Amagami is an expression of cat biting a love one. Ama (sweet) + gami (bite). Yes, Kaoru, and imouto Miya, sweet biting, yeah, skinship! Viva Amagamism!

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