Another Love for 地獄少女, an Artbook Review

Title of Artbook is translated as "Mirror Flower Water Moon"

Earlier this month, I had another entry about Jigoku Shoujo or Hell Girl, but what about an artbook? This I can review. There are other artbooks that came out from this series, but this is a pretty good conclusive anime image collection. This is a product that has so far only been released in Japanese, and covers three seasons of images, whether it is DVD image or special publicity images. So unless if any American company wants to release it in English, only shopping it at Japanese bookstores, or internet sources will be the way to get this possibly out of print lovely book. It certainly had me in a tizzy for a bit. I waited a couple of months, before my friend gave this to me from Japan.

Earlier this month, I was faced with someone who mentioned on how episodic the series can be, but to think of how often a person can hate another person for some very “simple” reasons. You really can’t picture any suffering or torment can be for some one, and isn’t it human nature to be a creature of habit?  Anyone can watch one or two episodes, and that would be okay, but the background of Enma-Ai is what gets to me. How hatred can spawn a deep need for vengeance, and from that revenge, there is a penance to pay.

I did do a similar feature of something like this on my own blog, so.. trying it out on Anime Diet. A difference between this from my own blog is that I scanned in the images.

Towards the back of the book, there is transcribed interviews with Mariko Oka who is the character designer for Jigoku Shoujo and Mamiko Noto, who is the Japanese seiyuu for Enma Ai. There is also a small section that details product information for cds, dvds, and media items for Japanese products. So as taken from’s Information section, this is the ISBN numbers for this artbook: ISBN-10: 4758011222 ISBN-13: 978-4758011228.

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  1. I dont have any qualms with episodic animes, one of the best anime in recen years is episodic as well, iam talking about mushishi, and Hell girl is another pleasure of mine, nice read

  2. Thank you for the comment! I am thinking about episodic titles at the moment. I enjoy Mushishi as well! The soundtrack is a phenomenal one. As a manga title, it was a Manga Movable Feast Title for April this year…

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