Chihayafuru 24 – Nobody Wishes to See the Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

I am still resolving my thoughts. Not only because this is a rather interesting episode but also due to the restraints placed upon my writing in order to not spoil anything.

But before we get to the juicy part, please allow me a quick discourse on the taste of defeat. It seems unfair. It is unfair. I am confident that many readers have competed or still compete in some fashion. The runner up didn’t lose because s/he didn’t work any harder. There’s something intrinsic about talent that no amount of work could match. How does one reconcile that? It could make the most fierce competitor boil with anger and cry with despair. Yet I feel this is an integral part of the human condition. Like death, taxes and Gundam, defeat is inevitable at some point. To never experience defeat is to not have lived?

Change is another human experience. One of the characters undergoes a dramatic change. The motive of which remains ambiguous and perplexing. While the change reinforces an aspect of the character established previously, the significance is lost given the insignificance of such a minor detail. Then, before we can decipher the confusion, the character confounds us by revealing his/her ignorance of the change. (To be crystal clear, said change cannot be missed.) If this is a demonstration to add depth to the character, it is extreme and unbelievable even by Galaxy Angels’ standards. Not to mention we’re treated to flashbacks of the character in question.

The change reminds me of a recurring theme early in the show when Chihaya had to fight her sister for their parent’s attention. To elaborate further may risk spoilers so just go watch it and let me know what you think!

Author: The Paper

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