Nagi No Asukara, now I adamantly support Free Hugs!


Oh my gosh, Hikari was categorically rejected by Manaka. This is the most shocking scene I’ve ever seen in this anime. Yes, the most shocking episode of Nagi No Asukara! Hikari has a crush on Manaka, and because something disastrous is taking place, from a sense of doomsday Hikari tried to elope with her. And then, he got horny and embraced her by impulse. Yes, that’s totally understandable. If you feel insecure, feeling down or  a sense of helplessness, that will lead to skinship. Yes, need a warmth of someone you love. Eminent danger was taking place, so psychologically this is really explainable. But Manaka resisted him and pushed him away. Then, Hikari fell on the floor. I was like, “Ahhhhhhh…” Totally, “Noli Me Tangere” moment. Yes, I know that feeling. Rejection by the girl you love. That is the hardest thing happen to you. Simply crushed to the bone. Feel like the whole world has rejected you…

But Miuna the elementary school girl likes Hikari. Yes, all lolicons envy Hikari now. And Chisaki loves Hikari. But on the other hand, Tsumugu loves Chisaki. And Kaname loves Chisaki. Yes, Chisaki has awesome things-in-themselves, in other words, oppai, that is totally centripetal force! Yes, “Force” of Star Wars is exactly centripetal force. Or “Chi” in Chinese or “Ki” in Japanese which is oppai of Chisaki themselves. Yes, force is oppai themselves, that’s why called “things-in-themselves.” We all want to get access to that life force. So, she attracts all straight guys (some lesbian chicks) except for Hikari.

Accessing to things-in-themselves, ultimate skinship!
Accessing to things-in-themselves, ultimate skinship!
Sayu is jealous, ahhh!!!
Sayu is jealous, ahhh!!!

But another elementary school girl Sayu likes Kaname, because when Kaname talks about Chisaki, she gets her cheek ballooned like angry octopus, yes, so cuuuute! Ahhhh, youjo, I don’t know, do elementary school girls easily fall in love? That easy? But, nothing is more magical than that gaze of Miuna. That one, ohhh, I may even fall for an elementary school girl too, though I categorically deny that I’m a lolicon.

Oh my gosh, Miuna…if I get stared like this, even by a loli, I may get conquered… Dangerous.

Anyway, if Hikari hugged Chisaki instead, she would never have refused him. Because she loves him!!!! But ahhh, love is so painful. Unrequited love is the worst suffering of all! Plus, that big and soft things-in-themselves would be feeling much more greater than Manaka’s humbleness. I know Miuna resisted when Hikari hugged her in the ocean. She was like, “Until when you keep hugging me like this!” And she forcefully pushed him away. But that was, ohhhh, that’s when we know she was conquered, we know it instantly with orgasmic laughter of “hihihihihi!!!” like the ending theme song. Oh yes, typical otaku’s creepy chuckling. From embarrassment, yes, since then, she blushes whenever she sees Hikari. Ohhhh, elementary school girls are very romantic creatures. I wish grownup girls were more like them. They are too contaminated by capitalism. Everything is calculation, even romance! But these elementary school girls, Miuna and Sayo, so pure and innocent, and all these romantic feeling crossfire, dahaha.

I totally know and understand that Hikari’s impulse. When something external shock happens, like suddenly fired and unemployed, or released from the entrusted position you held, when you realize that your position held at company was actually replaceable, not your speciality that only you could do, these dismissal, removal, demotion, or in private life, breakup, divorce, decease, anything that is beyond your control, then you want to run into a girl and hug. This is not purely sex drive, but it’s like sudden famine you face thus want to escape, otherwise, you will break down and turn into a madman, yes, brain damage. “Just let me have skinship! Skinship!” Yes, that’s it.


Manaka’s rejection. Total rejection as human being. Was he hard? Of course I bet. Probably that’s why she pushed him away by reflex. As I remember, during adolescence I got that same psychological state like Hikari, a confused teenager like Shinji from Evangelion, though I never done it, I never hugged any girls in Japan, so I never knew softness of femininity during adolescence. Even touching girl’s hand, I never had in Japan.


If this was Brazil, Hikari would have been okay, Manaka would never have rejected. Yes, hug is natural to Brazilians. Or any Latinas. Truly Free Hugs society. Latin cultures are already Free Hugs, so no need to promote there. It’s America and Japan that skinship is not well practiced, especially Japan! So, I wish Manaka was a Latina. Too bad even the sea world, skinship is not acceptable. That’s why I couldn’t feel Hikari’s despair was other people’s problem. I totally feel for him. However, nonetheless, Hikari has two girls having a crush on him, Miuna and Chisaki. So, I’m not entirely supportive of Hikari though. But, I’m totally supportive of Free Hugs. We need to promote this. The society has been too cruel, no skinship at all, so Free Hugs is what we need.

If I was famous and genius like Michael Jackson despite disfigured face, I can hug any girl I want, because they would be begging to hug me! Not just a hug, but even birds and bees! But I’m not rich, famous, genius, I don’t have any social status, but just an otaku and proletarian, the only thing I can hug is Dakimakura for now, so we need to promote free hugs. I don’t need no turkey nor Dakimakura on Thanksgiving, just need free hugs. That will be the authentic Thanksgiving!

Therefore, I will totally support adamantly free hugs. So, Manaka will never reject my hug!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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