White Album 2, SPEED serenade “White Love”


Ohhh, this anime is so bad, because they depict exactly what I wanted to do in high school. Yes, that’s why it hit the nail in my heart. As high school graduation memory, I also wanted to travel to north Japan, where you stay at ryokan (hotel) and go to onsen (hot springs). Yes, the beautiful spectacular of snow. Yes, I miss snow! Living in SoCal, no snow, too bad, yes, winter, especially snow makes me cold and lonely, and longing for skinship! Of course, together with a lover or amante, if not, then at least with female friends like this episode 8 of White Album 2. Yes, road trip, that would be awesome. Japan didn’t give me any chance to do a graduation trip. That’s why moved to USA.


Yes, Ogiso hops in CD (no iPod?), and plays SPEED song. Ogiso and Touma, ahhhh, inside the car, they played the nostalgic song of SPEED, a girls band from the late 90s. Ahhh, I thought White Album 2 was the year 2007, when School Days made a commotion in Otakudom, probably the most shocking anime since Evangelion. But how come they were playing the late 90s song? Ahh, I was once a fan of SPEED. They were from Okinawa, so they were exotic, yes, the idol queen of the 90s, Amuro Namie, was from Okinawa too. Okinawa has produced a lot of great talented musicians. So, this song, White Love, by Speed, I used to listen to it a lot. Yes, symbol of my adolescent years!


And Ogiso was singing to that song in the car, and ohhh, she’s really a good singer! Ah, when I heard she was singing that song, I almost fell in love with her, because I felt as if she was personally singing this serenade to me. I would definitely choose Ogiso! Ogiso is fun to be with, she throws snow ball at friends, childish and pure. Ogiso’s hairstyle, I love it, only adolescent girls can fit that hairstyle, certainly OL can’t do it. I know Inoue Kikuko does that hair sometimes, but painful, clinging to 17 years old myth, like me. 17 forever. 17 (+ 32 years) old woman. But Ogiso’s hairstyle is just kawaii. I wish I could date a girl with that hair, but my current age, go to prison for that. Why can’t I be 17 again? That’s too cruel. I never want to get old and senile. I don’t want to get all wrinkled up, lose hair, and sitting on a wheel chair, and only a caregiver will come and talk to me and change my diaper. That would be more than horrible, why can’t I become young instead of old? I wish I could rewind my life. Or press reset button like Nintendo game. So, I can restart my life as a high schooler.

Yes, this SPEED song, so nostalgic, so saudade, so sehnsucht. Yes, lonely sadness, exactly ko-hi (孤悲)! I remember this song made me lonely whenever I listened to it, and longing for a girl’s warmth, yes, especially during winter, it’s a winter song! Ahh, now I feel cheesy listening to this song, yes its intro as cheesy as ABBA’s Dancing Queen, the style is more than a decade ago, so of course it sounds crappy right now, but at that time, I thought it was the most romantic song ever produced in Japan, so instantly brought me back to adolescence of me when I was in Japan.

Konyoku! But they don’t face each other?

That bath of hotel, konyoku (mix-sex, or uni-sex bath), ohhhh, that is my dream. I know in Germany, people don’t care, both girls and boys take a bath together, and in Europe, there are several nudist beaches. Japan is still skinship-less society, so showing naked body is shameful to a lot of people. Well, I don’t want to see old women naked, that would be a nightmare, but young girls, more than welcome! Too bad America and Japan, unisex bath is not common, anti-moral, yes, too puritanical that I lament. Puritan ethics is 300 years old, it’s already anachronistic, so we got to do away with it. Why are we still keeping it? It doesn’t make any sense.


Wearing yukata or traditional Japanese pajama provided by Ryokan (like Hanasaku Iroha), yes, this is also uni-sex attire, I think traditional Japanese clothing is more skinship-able. Yes, I heard it was from the Meiji period that Japanese people got less touchy touchy because of evil Western Christian ethics. But now, Europe already trashed it and more freedom they are enjoying now, while Japan is still cursed by it. Even when I went to Maid Cafes in Akiba, I wasn’t allow to touch any of the maids, which was still cursed by this Western f@cking bullsh@t ethics imported from Europe during the Meiji era. They simply didn’t understand how much I wanted to have skinship with maids. We need to throw away this crap and make society more skinship-able. Life, libertine, and pursuit of skinship.

Yes, anyway, this song of SPEED, White Love, reminded me of adolescence…and also all the girls I fell in love during my adolescent years. How I wish I could take bath with them…looking up snows twinkling from the sky…


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe