For the Ugly Polyp Who Dreams of Being a JELLYFISH PRINCESS

Jellyfish princess is a tale involving twists, turns, odd trysts, and a really peculiar love triangle. A strong theme of overcoming the past as well as overcoming escapism gently tugs at viewer’s heartstrings.

Meet Tsukimi, a young dreamer who sees the world in the terms of jelly fish. When young, her mother gave her the passion for cnidarians by taking her to aquariums, where they’d speak of dresses made of lace matching the flow of jellyfish tentacles as well as bravery in the face of loss.

Now meet Tsukimi’s house-mates; a group of “30-somethings” with a passion for varying geeky obsessions, all with a distaste for “the stylish” and all who despise men. Well, unless one counts their obsessions with boy-love manga. The “master” of the house is a boy-love manga artist who never leaves her room and is spoken to by the other house-mates sliding slips of paper under her door. She responds with written words of her own, and what she says goes.

The houses views can be expressed best by a decree that anyone seeking residency at “The Sisterhood’s” shared apartment must have “A life that has no use for men.”

One evening, while Tsukimi is gazing at a particular jellyfish she’s named Clara at a local pet store, she realizes the jellyfish (a moon jellyfish) put in the tank with her “Clara” (a spotted jellyfish) will end up killing Clara. Tsukimi attempts to overcome her fear of men (and everyone) in order to save Clara. Unfortunately she ends up rambling crazily to a handsome clerk who is trying to close up the shop for the night.

ENTER KURAKO!!!!! An extremely stylish and beautiful person who uses their swagger to get the clerk to give Tsukimi the spotted jellyfish. For some reason after meeting the Sisterhood, the stylish Kurako decides they really like the Sisterhood and that the Sisterhood needs a major change.

There’s a secret that Tsukimi forces Kurako to keep in order to avoid DOOOM for them both, and that is that;

Kurako is a (really pretty) man.

Kurako’s mother was a famous performer who his father cheated on his wife with. This became a tragedy for Kurako’s brother, who caught his father with someone not his mother and ended up getting a cross-dressing brother out of the deal.

The side characters of Jellyfish princess are often just as fun as the main. Everyone is extremely quirky, in a very endearing way which adds an element of connection for viewers. If you can’t relate to a main character, then you can to a side or you know someone who is JUST LIKE someone. There’s an Otaku of every sort; one who loves trains and transportation, one who loves ancient warriors, one who adores old men, one who is obsessed with dressing dolls and making kimono.

On a personal level, as someone who often spends more time reading science magazines than fashion tabloids, I have to say; I love this anime. I think every woman wants to feel beautiful even if they don’t want to be seen as such. The strong themes of loss and desire have left me wanting more of this series.

The ending feels almost incomplete, which is the only real downside to the series. There are moments of tenderness, times of trouble, and plenty of sheer quackery to engage viewers who wish for a break from the popular blood and gore and smash and bash animes that seem to be coming out by the truckload.

Awkward author’s note: this post’s first draft (not much was changed) was written 3 years ago. It’s taken that long for me to realize; it’s okay to be a bit awkward and to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy. Even if the enjoyment stems from a very goofy anime that somehow I’ve found a personal connection with, it’s okay to let it be known. Usually.

Author: shika

3 thoughts on “For the Ugly Polyp Who Dreams of Being a JELLYFISH PRINCESS

  1. I love love LOVE this anime! It’s so different and cute (plus it reminds me a little bit of Cinderella)! It touches my little heart~

  2. Completely loved Kurage-hime. Those otaku girls went to protest the land project, and they were scared of “career woman.” That was really funny part. Yeah, if you’re NEET and otaku, people with business suits are scary. Cross dressing dude family background was also surprising. I just love this series. Need more of this kind of anime.

  3. Thank you for doing this post not a lot people have watch this anime. I needed something to feel void of not having Paradise Kiss or Beck Mongolian chop squad. It my heart just right but it’s so underrated.

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