Silver Spoon 2 ep 9: Amaterasu is BBA

Amaterasu’s little shrine

Silver Spoon 2, episode 9, Komaba’s family ranch closed down because of financial crisis. And Komaba’s farm had a mini-shrine (kami-dana) dedicated to Amaterasu, the supreme Sun goddess of Japan. But even under Amatesaru’s protection (the sun that shines upon us), the sun didn’t shine upon Komaba’s house. Indeed Kobama’s farm went bankrupt. And then, Letter of Guarantee was signed by Mikage’s family, so now, Mikage’s family has to sell their stocks to pay the debt. And then, discussion is now which stock to sell. And then, they decided to sell horses that Aki Mikage was the most fond of. Why didn’t Amaterasu’s divine power work?

Last cow milk at Komaba's farm.
Last cow milk at Komaba’s farm.
Aki's beloved horses. I want to be a horse too.
Aki’s beloved horses. I want to be a horse too.  Don’t sell them.

Yes, Maria-sama-ga-miteru, the lady that watches over us, Lady Mary is Yuri’s protector, but I’m not a lesbian, so I can’t get Maria-sama’s grace, so doesn’t work for me. I wish I was born girl and go to all girls school and enjoy yuri life. In turn, Gautama Buddha is assumed to be BL’s protector as history suggests, since there is Oshaka-sama Ga Miteru, which has yet to be animated. O-shaka means “Shakya-muni,” one of the titles of Gautama Buddha. But of course, I’m a non-ke (non-homosexual, ie, straight), so Gautama Buddha can’t be my protector, so doesn’t work for me either.

"So what do you think about homosexuality, Sae-chan?" "H, h, h, homosexuality!?"
“So, what do you think of homosexuality, Sae-chan?” “H, h, h, homosexuality!?”

Yes, I’m a romanticist, craving for skinship, so I used to chant Maha-Lagar‘s mantra, a love charm, to the pictures of girls I had a crush on.

Om maha raga vajro snisa vajra satva jah hum bam hoh

But I failed to get skinship with 3D girls, only to escape to 2D girls, but no skinship. So, it didn’t work. That’s why I lost faith in Buddhism that I grew up with and have become atheist. So, instead of chanting mantra, now I sing “Creep” by Radio Head, or “Chega De Saudade” by Tom Jobim. Yes, the only truth I’ve discovered so far is saudade

Amaterasu is a BBA!
Amaterasu is a BBA!

So, when I was watching Inari-Kon-Kon, it was so shocking to find out that Amaterasu is actually a BBA (pronounces “babah”). Yes, this was a revelation of the hard to swallow truth, no wonder Kobama’s family couldn’t get any grace and family business went down. That’s why it didn’t work! How shocking the supreme deity of my ethnicity is a BBA…

Okay, so definition of BBA:  “obnoxious old hag.” Or older women with disgraceful character. An obsolete term was “obatarian.” Their unscrupulousness has been causing problems in society, but since the media mind-controlled by radical feminism are watching, we can’t really criticize them ostensibly, but the anime otaku’s archenemy Ex-Tokyo Governor Ishihara Shintaro unashamedly satirized them by saying, “BBA are unneeded.” But BBA is not only applied to middle aged women, but to young women in their 20s as well. Yes, in fact in The Garden Of Words, Aizawa-senpai called Yukino-sensei inran-BBA (lascivious hag). “Slutty BBA.” Yukino-sensei is only 27 years old, and already BBA??? To disparage my Yukino-sensei that way is unforgivable, but I digress since that isn’t the point.

How can Yukino-sensei be a BBA??? She should be Amaterasu!!!

Anyway, if Amaterasu wasn’t a BBA but such beauty like Yukino-sensei, Komaba’s family would have been prosperous as ever.

Ahh, Aki Mikage, she is totally kawaii, the heiress of Mikage family, I want to marry her and take her family name (muko-iri). Monsieur Mikage! Aki has such cute oshiri (butt), yes, equestrian butt, so yes, if I can become a moe horse, La Matriarca, since this year is the year of Horse…hihiin(neigh)!

Aki's oshiri.
Aki’s kawaii oshiri.

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    1. Yup, Amaterasu is a BBA, which has been revealed by Inari Kon Kon.
      Bimajo will be totally amazing grace!

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