Servant x Service, way better than DMV


Servant x Service , it’s about public servants. They won’t fire you by just being lazy, even with that crappy attitude to customers like DMV. Worst is IRS giving you a hard time if you’re a tea partier. But at least, this ward office has a good customer service, so it’s way better than DMV, certainly better than IRS.

I never worked at any public service work, so I really don’t know the culture of that type of work, all I know is DMV since every time I go there, I always get infuriated by their sh@tty attitude, so I assume public service work is sh@tty. But this certain ward office in Hokkaido, yes, the remote island next to Russia, the same place for Silver Spoon, Kita-no-kuni-kara, and Mutsugorou Animal Kingdom. Ahh, I never been to Hokkaido, I could’ve gone to Hokkaido instead of America.

Hasebe is really a bad worker, he resorts to sexual harassment, and slacking off a great time. You know, we need to fire people like him right away, I totally support Scott Walker to terminate Hasebe immediately. Public servants, just too many of them, the cause of the big government. And this is the solid proof that the Koizumi reform was a failure. His motto was “non-sanctity reform.” But ward offices are the sanctity!

But, one good thing about a ward office job is hiru-dora (noon-drama, or “soap opera”). Chihaya, a hard-core cosplayer, tries to have sex with her co-worker. Yes, office sex! Yes! But Lucy runs into that scene. Ohhh, they are having sex by tax money! Taxman redistributing the wealth to office sex. Isn’t office sex the American tradition started by Clinton?


And Chihaya is the one asked him out, so she is pretty assertive. That’s very cool, that’s how women should be today. Women don’t have to be passive, women desire to be equal in terms of career and income, but why passive in sexual relationships? Be assertive in this area too, and I think Chihaya is pretty modern in that sense. So, yes, no more blue-balling because if girls ask first, we don’t misinterpret and hurt. I’ll be assured that she likes me.

Chiyaha the ani-ota cosplayer
Chiyaha the ani-ota cosplayer, being assertive, dominating the scene.

You know, some girls are so harsh, they kind of flirt, give you a hint that they like you. And then, later on, when you can’t stand that anymore and ask her out, then she turns you down with the same lame line, “Let’s be friends.” How many times that happened to me? “Do you want to go to Six Flags together?” Going to an amusement park together is of course we interpret as a romantic date. And then you ask her out, then the next thing she says is, “You know that I already have a boyfriend. Sorry.” Then, what was all that about? Otaku’s pure heart gets destroyed and causes misanthropy. The rate of hikikomori increases.

If only girls were this assertive...
If only girls were this assertive…I’d never have become an otaku..

But a ward office job, probably I should apply, because there, maybe I can meet a girl who would ask me out and even have office sex. I need assertive girls who assures me that she likes me, no more cock teasing or blue-balling. And by watching Servant x Service, I think female public servants are cute (we all know that female private servants are at maid cafe instead of ward office). I love all the female characters in this anime. It should be fun working with them. It looks like every day life at a ward office seems fun, pretty remote from the harshness of capitalism. Yes, nichijou (daily life, slice of life) at a public office.

And I love the ED song that Kayano Ai sings, ahh, so iyashi (therapuetic), oh yes, feminine cuteness is iyashi! Don’t we all need iyashi in capitalism? Yeah, Kayano is a therapist in real life, so no wonder she sings very therapeutic. And Miyoshi in the ED is really feminine and cute under the moonlight, and fuwafuwa (fluffy feeling) while she looks very stressed in the episodes. Shuwashuwarin~♪


I wish I could work at a ward office, less stress, stable income, cute girls, and girls ask you out, and even office sex. That’s just way better than to work for DMV.


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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    1. Definitely, they are. that’s why I want to get a job at this ward office, should be fun working with them, especially office sex.

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