Do you wanna smell like Crayon Shin or POKEMON??? Then order yours ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From ANN

Official Shin Chan Cologne, Eau de Toilette on Sale

The Spanish fragrance maker Air-Val International is selling the official Shin Chan Cologne and Eau de Toilette. The fragrance for the flatulent toddler…

…Kotaku notes via Poke Farm that Air-Val International’s discontinued Pokémon fragrance is still available online…

Ray’s take: Ever feeling like female Otaku don’t want you at all? Maybe it’s because you don’t smell like animated farts!!! Or it’s because your Cologne doesn’t scream “PIKACHUUUU!” When you get near women at anime conventions? Well, your problems are solved! Instead of sweats, smell like Crayon Shin or Pikachu for that awesome, ecstatic flavor that chicks dig!

For Americans who remember, I’m reminded of that fake Gheroge Murasan cologne commercial…”Is that cabbage, Gheroge?” “Yes, cheecks deeg eet.”


Author: Ray

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  1. I wonder what Pokemon cologne would smell like. I realize they’re probably trying to have as much market appeal as possible, but wouldn’t it make sense if Pokemon regularly had some allusions to cologne so it looked like a legitimate product?

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