Genshinken S2 ep 03 – Sasahara Soushi, Ikimasu!








What the???

Wait, that kind of music!!!???

I literally laughed my ass off until I was coughing and choking to death seeing the OP for this episode’s Genshiken S2…All the Gundam cliche from the orignal UC to Gundam Seed Destiny were used, and I just died and went to heaven…I…I…I…!

Hi, my name is Raymond Hu, and I’m a Gundam Otaku (smashing through the door to the closet like Hulk as I come out). I built 7 PGs and about 29 MGs, and I bought the old 60 cm G Gundam, Wing Zero, and even the F91 special(I think prototype PG) gundam. I think UC Gundam series up to Zeta and Char’s Counterattack, and then skip forward to Victory Gundam are classics, and I despise Gundam Seed Destiny with a passion (down with pretty boys!). I’m sure my record of Gunpla built is nothing compared to many of you, but Gundammit! I’m a Gundam Otaku and proud of it. I cried when Fraw Bow’s relatives died, I screamed in agony with Amuro Ray when he was broken at the end of the first Gundam, and the death of Four Murasame traumatized me for a few days. I actually bought both the green and red Zaku, and I had more Zeon gunpla in my entire life than the Feddie suits. I think human are really parasites infesting the planet, and I think it’s time to clean the parasites off this green earth! Zieg Zeon! Zieg Zeon! Zieg Zeon…

Oh wait, this is a Genshiken S2 review….Uh…Ahem.

The OP is just too funny for any Gundam fan, old or new. The cliche shots, the pointless above shoulder nudity, the oddly uncomfortable confident miles, the girls spinning around for no apparent reason, and the confrontation between the main character and his arch nemesis with a mask (NO MASK, NO ARCH NEMESIS! DOWN WITH GUNDAM BALLS!), but guess what? One of the girls gets a helmet! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!! AND as per gundam/not quite harem mix tradition, all the cute girls are supposed to support the shonen! Let the fiey youth burn!!!!!!

(Look for the last two character, especially the last character to shine…Asuka style fans, hold your drool in…and she’ll be played by the classy Goto Yuko-san)

As for the rest of the episode…Well…well…eto…eto…


It’s a great lesson in how to organize an event: you wanna define the goal and the theme right from the start; you want to be clear about what’s required, and you want to get things out in the open and discuss issues as early as day 1. Otherwise you’ll have the first “the draft for Comiket is not completely done” emergency meeting.” I’m pretty sure all the production crew and all the Otaku who tried to publish something in a group laughed their asses off when they saw this episode. Unfortunately, I didn’t do any of that, so…

I found it funnier when I saw the entire plot in the manga and I can’t tell you why because I don’t know either.

They added stuff to the anime to stretch the time out, I’m sure. The situation is certainly believable, and I’m sure many organizers out there will be nodding and snickering at the problems that certain key members do. But again, this is funny only for people who had to deal with the problem. I laughed at many stuff in the first season, because, A: I’m a proud Otaku. B: I did many of these things (the gunpla episode will always be a classic for me)

But for lay people…Oh wait, if you’re a lay person you wouldn’t be here. Oops.

One funny scene is when Kasukabe asks Ogiue about how she knows how to do ecchi stuff. Ogiue ends up telling her: “Well, I read the doujinshi!” And Kaskabe just says: “There are just so many levels of wrong with that!”

That was hilarious.

For the fan who read far in the manga or finished it, look/listen for that extra line that they give to Kujiji. If you love/loved classic gundam and you haven’t laughed at all…GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT NOW!!! GO SIT OVER THERE IN THAT CYBER CORNER! AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A CLASSIC GUNDAM FAN!!! SHAME ON YOUUUU! XD

You know I’m kidding, right? In any case, this show is better to be understood and experienced in real life than talked about, so

89%% recommended for all Otaku, especially those who have tried to draw and finish doujinshi. Next step, the White Base convention center!

Author: Ray

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