Astroboy Coming to a Theater near our Japanese correspondents!


Aya Ueto, Koji Yakusho attend world premiere of ‘Astro Boy’ in Tokyo

Ueto said: “It’s a sad story but an excellent movie. I did my best so as to not upset all the Astro Boy fans out there.”

Ray’s Take: I vaguely remember the manga and the old anime. Direct and appealing mostly for kids because it didn’t present any non-sensible twists but shows issues without sugar-coating it. Too many of today’s anime have to sugar coat hard to watch issues with fan service, moe, and other stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Astroboy Coming to a Theater near our Japanese correspondents!

  1. It was Tezuka’s commercial title (practically the ‘mickey mouse’ of Japan almost but not really) but it was what cemented many of the kind to come. It was also fairly dark considering.
    Tezuka keeps it real! …and batshit insane!

    1. @ smashingtofu – bat shit crazy, eh? Maybe I need to find the old stuff sometime and watch it! I vaguely remember the new version isn’t crazy much.

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