Our obligatory sigh at the Haruhi Fiasco (?)

From Mens Cyzo and Sankaku Complex –

“Even in the company hardly anyone knows why it took eight repeated episodes spread across 4 DVDs with two episodes each in order to unravel the mystery thoroughly. We are aware of the fan reaction, but…”

“Well… All that can be said is that it would be nice if they sell, wouldn’t it?”

Ray’s Take: things are never the way they seem. Historically, some shows and movies were judged as disastrous or possibly disastrous when they first came out, such as Gundam 0079 and Star Wars, but with a different outcome soon after or after some reruns. However, a stunt such as the one pulled by KyoAni is probably the first in the history of animation. I suspect this will make them will break them, but I suspect the outcome isn’t going to be clear as soon as most would figure. Do keep in mind that today’s Japanese audience is even more fickle than the ones in the past and it is highly possible that no matter what, this will be forgotten by fans within a year and only remembered as a marketing/production disaster as well as smears on the seiyuus’ careers in animation history. People can be unpredictable and perhaps there will be a cult that fervently buys the DVD, but I suspect the overall sales will be significantly less than anticipated.

With all that, this is what I really want to say:

FUCK YOU KyoAni! Star Trek Next Gen did similar shit in 1 hour but you punks had to take it up to 4!

Author: Ray

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5 thoughts on “Our obligatory sigh at the Haruhi Fiasco (?)

  1. FUCK YOU KyoAni! Star Trek Next Gen did similar shit in 1 hour but you punks had to take it up to 4!
    Amen to that. I wrote something similar regarding Kadokawa´s hopeful prayers… 🙂

  2. To be fair, TNG did a closed time-space loop, where only Picard was the one noticing the jumps.  Plus it was interesting to see how each crew would react and behave, it shows how they’ve grown over the years.  There are a few things they could’ve done to make E8 way better or at least interesting.

  3. @ Toonleap. Yes. No matter what, it’s a story and it can be condensed to provide good stuff.

    @ Rockfest – Trolling and forcefully trying to (re)create a the status of being a cult sensation/revolutionary breakthrough is wrong. I would like to learn the difference between the quantum mechanical differences, though.

  4. “FUCK YOU KyoAni! Star Trek Next Gen did similar shit in 1 hour but you punks had to take it up to 4!”
    lol! is all I have to say to the above.

  5. @ RP – hey, there are ways of not being a troll and still deliver good stuff. Obviously they just want to milk us customers, in my opinion.

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