Yuki Kajiura/FictionJunction live at AX 2012

The waiting line was as long as an anaconda, like waiting for a soup kitchen during the Great Depression. Yes, we otakus are desperate for the beyond-reality music to obliviate our plight in 3D. So, people were desperately wanting to see them perform.

Before the concert, I had an opportunity to attend the press conference of Yuki Kajiura/ FictionJunction. Kajiura was probably in her mid-40s from what I saw. But she looked very good for that age. Well done on her hair, good make-up, good fashion sense. Actually, some people said, “I like Yuki Kajiura the most from FictionJunction.” Oh man, I’m not into jukujo (well-ripened woman), rather I’m a lolicon, not quite, but I’m into younger nubile girls, yes, lolish girls! And of course the youngest looking girl in the group was KEIKO (at least from what I saw, didn’t know her age), since she was the tiniest, so of course I liked KEIKO the most. But, when she started answering the questions, I was so appalled because her voice was like a dude. The voice didn’t match her at all! The first thing came to my mind was “Could she be okama (trap)?” Oh yeah, she sings strong alto, so no wonder her voice is utterly deep. But I thought that was only for singing, so the conversational voice was just striking. She’s chibi (short height), got such a small face with a large hair decoration, and large glittering pupils, and cute smile with cute little thin lips, and oh that a little devilish attire, most of us will instantly become a slave to her if she orders us to please her, she’s that irresistible. But when she started talking, her voice was manly like, “Hey, what’s up, duuuude?” I was really perplexed and confused. It was sexually condeluding. That gap left a huge impression on me. The cutest looking girl who would have the cutest high-pitched moe voice had the dude voice. So, that was the most surprising part of the interview.

So, at the concert, I was checking out KEIKO, yet I couldn’t really fantasize about her because of that dude voice. I mean, at least she could use a high-pitched voice during a conversation. Anyway, back to the topic, I missed the Kalafina concert at AX last year, so this time, I wanted to get even. So, I was really looking forward to this concert.

But, at 7pm, people were still coming in, so the concert still hadn’t started yet, and it took almost another 40 minutes for the concert hall to get dark. But, the lights weren’t completely out, and our seating area was bright as hell. Yes, I was sitting in the back, so I couldn’t really see them on the stage, so most of the time I was watching the screens. They only turned off the lights around the stage area and the middle front area, so that was bad, especially for this type of fantasy-inducing music, when you got to be completely anonymous in the darkness to enjoy the show. But, somehow, the lights weren’t off completely, so I couldn’t completely get immersed, and my identity was still visible to the security officers that were roaming around to watch us. So, I couldn’t quite get the Dionysian experience, which was regrettable.

And then, finally, the show started and instantly the crowd burst into cheers. We waited for this moment for so long! The synchronized hymnal chorus was just wham! I never heard this synchronicity at any live perfromance. It was just divine. The only group I knew which had a great chorus harmony was Karl Jenkins’ Adiemus. But FictionJunction, OMG! Sublime!

But after 1/2 hour, it started to sound monotonous, so I needed a little break from the always grandiose megalomaniac Kajiura Sound. I wanted to hear acoustic music with an acoustic guitar or piano. Even Pink Floyd does acoustic numbers, so people won’t get tired in the middle of the show. The acoustic music provides a little oasis to the audience having been ladened with a heavy gothic tune. I wish she had thrown in some acoustic numbers.

Oh yes, forgot to mention, but the Mai-HiME numbers were really good. Mai-HiME was such a shocking series to me. I liked it because the story took place at a mission-kei school, especially Roman Catholism, yes, sisters (nuns)! Christian girl schools are so moe, and even if it’s co-ed, it’s still moe. Christian girls are so moe! But, after a certain part, the moe elements completely disappeared and it all turned tragic. The one you love the most would be lost if you lose the battle…that was just horrible and painful. And that sense of sadness revived in me with their music.

Overall, it was the best concert of AX 2012. Kajiura, definitely a genius. And she’s a wild performer too, she looked like Beethoven on the stage, playing piano with her wavy hair tossing around. Since she produces that kind of operatic leitmotif music, I thought her musical inspiration was mainly from the old classic grand masters like Richard Wagner, but I was surprised that she said her major influence was the Beatles, especially a composer like Paul McCartney. Her music and the Beatles are so different. I also love the Beatles. Before I went for Bossa Nova, I was a Beatles maniac. So, I felt pretty close to her. As an amateur songwriter, that was pretty encouraging. Oh yes, Paul rather writes melodic songs, so no wonder. But just to note, I like John Lennon better. His strong messaged lyrics are just awesome.

The FictionJunction’s band was great as well. Instead of playing karaoke tracks, she brought the whole band with her, so that was fantastic. We experienced the real live music of FictionJunction. Particularly the violin and guitar solos were awesome. I mean, all of the performers were excellent indeed. And the sound engineer, oh, he was just something. The modern conductor, so to speak! Yes, the whole team was so amazing.

Yes, there were some things that could have been done better, but overall I was pretty satisfied at the end. This made my day. And this made the whole AX superb!

I’m glad that I’ve made it through July!

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