Anime Expo 2012: Yaya Han Interview

In our first video release from Anime Expo 2012, we have an interview with professional cosplayer and costume designer Yaya Han, straight from the Dealer Hall floor. Why does she love cat girls so much? Find out!

We talked to professional costume designer and cosplayer Yaya Han at the Exhibit Hall of Anime Expo 2012! Dressed as Psylocke for the day, she was generous enough to speak to us for a few minutes about her early career, her favorite costumes, why she likes cat girls so much, and what the differences are between cosplaying at an anime vs a comic convention.

You can find out more about Yaya at her website, Twitter, Facebook, and DeviantArt page. Give her some love!

2 thoughts on “Anime Expo 2012: Yaya Han Interview

  1. Great interview, guys. It was nice to hear how some interesting perspectives on cosplaying from one of the best I’ve ever seen.

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