Anime Expo 2010 – Convention and Cosplay Pictures

Didn’t get to go to Anime Expo this year?   Wish you had been there to check out all the cool cosplay costumes?   Well, ask and you shall receive!  Here is just a sampling of what you missed…

(NOTE:  These pictures vary in quality due to most of them being taken by camera phone with no flash.  Gomenasai.  I hope you enjoy them anyway)

Author: ElectricV01

Daniel is a writer, part time artist in training, avid game player, and pop culture analyst... nice guy too. He has been an anime fan since 1999 and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. You can follow him on twitter at

3 thoughts on “Anime Expo 2010 – Convention and Cosplay Pictures

  1. I do love ‘Dem Cosplay Babes’. I’m calling it now! Winner = Gurren Lagann’s YOKO. *does a little happy dance* Wah-hooo!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the coverage and great pics! ^_^

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