anime expo 2012

Tatsuo Sato Press Conference Transcript

Tatsuo Sato gave the press one of the richest, most detailed looks into his thought process behind his recent shows Rin-ne no Lagrange and Moretsu Space Pirates as well as his classic Martian Successor Nadesico. This, and the private interview coming tomorrow, was my favorite experience at Anime Expo!

Madhouse/Team Chihayafuru Press Conference

Press talked to Madhouse’s Team Chihayafuru (Asaka Morio, Takuya Tsunoki, and Kunihiko Hamada) at Anime Expo 2012 and asked them questions about that show and other Madhouse works. But only we dared to ask about moe. And who’d they rather, Chihaya or Kana. Find out what they said!