AX Vocaloid Panel, F@ck you Japanese government!

It’s little late, but I went to the Vocaloid Panel in AX2012, and here I’m going to share the most interesting part of the panel.

Kagome P was just awesome. He produces songs with a Loli/yojo vocaloid, an elementary school girl, Kaai Yuki. Yes, with a randsell. And she’s just 9 years old! Even younger than Sakura of Cardcaptor! The most notable song of his is Shooting☆Star, sang by Kaai Yuki. But he said he’s not a lolicon. He told us that he is into jukujo (mature well-ripened women). And that made the panel laugh. And he was complaining about how the government has been trying to restrict freedom of expression in Japan, probably referring to Nonexistent Youth law. And then he put the middle finger in the air and screamed in English,

“Fuck You, Japanese government!”

The whole panel became a laughing riot. American otakus loved it! It was surely the most memorable and greatest moment of the panel. Yes, I love Nonexistent Young Girls = 2D girls! Luckily I happened to shake his hand when he was at the Artist Alley.

AgoAniki P showed Even If I Become A Pig, and talked about struggle of road trip in America, and there were Vocaliod P and Kyosuke the illustrator.

Deadball P was hilarious. His video clip was very funny. “Please step on my face!♡” Yes, Japanese Ninja No. 1. That was awesome. And I love his another work, Fude-oroshi (筆おろし), which literally means, “unwrap the brush.” But in a slang, brush refers to penis, so it means, “A woman unwraps a new brush.” In other words, a woman deflowering a male virgin. So, in this case, Hatsune Miku is deflowering a male virgin! Yeah, very funny. That song was a masterpiece, I was cracking up really hard. Deadball P said, “Hatsune Miku is my wife, and I made children with her.” And the whole audience laughed. Yes, “make children” is kozukuri (子づくり) in Japanese, which directly implies sexual act, the ultimate skinship. The skinship of the skinships! How I wish I could have had skinship with Miku, but she’s 2D…peropero is the best I can do, but he had sex with Miku! He is the P of the Ps! Or I should say Miku had sex with him, since Miku is the educator here! Maybe we should start AFC (American Fude-oroshi Comittee) or 全米筆おろし委員会. Welcome to NFL (National Fude-oroshi League). And of course, its president will be Shouko The Defloweress. In this case, Miku is the defloweress, or la defloradora! Anyway, Deadball P was the funniest among the Ps on this panel. As an amateur songwriter, his songs are inspiration for me.

Dixie Flatline was utterly cool. He showed us his new song Answer, which was a response to Just Be Friends, which is yet to be released. And he told us how he struggled in New York as an aspiring keyboardist, but failed and went back to Japan. But in Japan, producing vocaloid songs, he was discovered and finally succeeded. That was a powerful story. Yeah, a starving artist finally got the luck! And he seemed like a mid-age person, so he must have been struggling for a long time, since music industry is mostly focusing on new emerging young artists, same as sports, so it was really tough for him to break through. But for Vocaloid, you can start at any age. You can start anytime. You don’t need to be young like athletes. That’s the beauty of Vocaloid. And that Luka’s video clip was so touching, it made me cry to that video. Yes, her undefiled smile, but she went through the breakup, but being optimistic after the heavy wound in her fragile heart. Very saudade smile. Chega De Saudade. Ah, girl’s romance, how saudade, how melancholic. How sehnsucht. That’s why I love shojo. Shojo’s melancholy. That’s why I love romance genre in anime. The best genre of all!

Luka’s shojo undefiled pure smile made me tearful.

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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