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Anime Expo 2012: Yaya Han Interview

In our first video release from Anime Expo 2012, we have an interview with professional cosplayer and costume designer Yaya Han, straight from the Dealer Hall floor. Why does she love cat girls so much? Find out!

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Clinton and Obama Reconciled by Becoming Chibi, Caramelldansen

Now that the Democratic primary process is over and there is a clear winner, the divided party needs to get back together. And, as we…

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If Ben Gibbard were an otaku…

…he might come up with this after watching Higurashi. (See the song this is based on, “Soul Meets Body” by Mr. Gibbard’s band Death Cab…

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No More AX Lines Like This?

  Remember that video? Well, according to the Anime News Network, Anime Expo is implementing significant changes to the way they handle lines. Here’s the…

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