Rage against Hollywooders

From ANN –

Kirsten Dunst Cosplays in Akihabara for Video

…actress Kirsten Dunst appeared in Tokyo’s Akihabara otaku shopping district in a sailor-suit costume and a blue wig for a video directed by McG (Terminator Salvation).

Ray’s Take: Uh…I’m going to channel Buffy’s sister and go: “GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!” XD

I thought we had a mainstream fascination with Japanese culture back in the ’80s! What the hell? Now they have to invade Akiba, too? Sheesh, you made it as mainstream ippanjin, and so we do not welcome you anywhere near our territory. I’ve stated that many times. There is the ippanjin section, out you leave. NOW! Sheesh. Like I’d believe what a Hollywooder says about liking Akiba.

2 thoughts on “Rage against Hollywooders

  1. Dude, she was doing a job. Nobody said she liked or didn’t like anything.

    McG needed a cute girl for a video, he hired Kirsten Dunst, and she did whatever he said. That’s how she pays her mortgage.

    Some director from LA sent a skeleton crew to Akiba for a couple days. Nobody yelled at you.

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