Anime Diet – Ray Can Cook!

Yeah, it’s not about anime. But it is an Otaku who can cook. So, this was my lunch (see vid below taken with a Bloggie). I cooked a little too much and couldn’t finish it. In any event, stay tuned for the summer season and AX coverage!

Ingredients: beef slices, pork bacon slices (just the meat, not the already cured stuff), chicken thigh meat, spinach, long grained jasmine rice, butter, chicken stock, Hiroshima Oyster Soy Sauce, garlic, green onion, seasame seed oil.

Steps: Does anyone care to know? I’ll email you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your lunch already!

2 thoughts on “Anime Diet – Ray Can Cook!

  1. Omedetto!! Looks filling and most importantly – safe! I feel small now, because I just got done Facebooking about how I warmed up some Chili Dawgs!! Lol and QQ.

    1. Well…I have over 10 years of home cooking experience so it looks easy.
      At least you got it done, right? As long as you enjoyed the chili dog, that’s fine!

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