“True Tears” Fans: OP and ED On Sale at iTunes


From ANN:

Bandai Entertainment has announced on Tuesday that music from the sola and true tears anime series are now availabe in Apple’s iTunes Store in the United States. Currently, the store offers Aira Yuki’s “Colorless Wind” and “Koi Shika Nakatta” songs from sola, and eufonius’ “Reflectia” and “Elekto” songs from true tears.

Mike’s Take: I always liked the True Tears songs, so I decided to buy the two singles (one for the OP and ED). I’ve had a very stressful past week or so, and the relaxing music was just what I needed to clear my head as I started working. To my surprise, I found myself listening to the B-sides (eufonius’s “Elekto” and Aira Yuuki’s “Soko ni Hitotsu Dake”) more than the main songs. They were the kind of soothing, fluffy pop I needed for today.

What’s actually encouraging is that this is just the beginning of a bunch of anime-related singles that Bandai and the big anisong record label, Lantis, will be releasing over the next several weeks. I remember they mentioned this deal at the Bandai panel at Comic Con, and this is just the first fruits of widely available, legal anime music in the US. Singles from Haruhi and Lucky Star are coming, among other things. As someone who remembers–and has, on occasion, purchased–$30 import CDs from Japan being the only legal way to acquire anime music, I think this is a very welcome development.

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  1. Cool! Weepy music isn’t my thing but let’s hope they get stuff like robot battle theme songs!

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