Geisha barmaids? How about Moe Tsundere Geisha Barmaids?

From Japan Times Online

For ¥1,800 at the Kamishichiken Beer Garden in Kyoto’s northwest, you can enter the geisha’s “Floating World,” a term coined by 17th-century writer Ryoi Asai to describe the pursuit of pleasure and the transience of life. The fee buys you a beer, snacks and a chat with a maiko or a “geiko,” as geisha are known in Kyoto.

Although you can’t see the geisha dance and they wear light robes called “yukata” instead of kimono, the restaurant is packed with customers each night in summer…

…Amid the shrill of cicadas and chatter of patrons, Ichimomo, a 16-year-old maiko, practices her conversation skills with beer drinkers at the garden three or four times a week.

“We get many types of people here so it’s quite fun,” said Ichimomo. “I enjoy explaining to them what a maiko is.”

Ray’s Take: Oh man, once I was on the Shinkansen trying to find my seat. As I was going through different cars one I saw those beautiful ladies sitting calmly together chattering quietly. Of course they didn’t pay attention to me; I suspect they were not allowed to look around; but I got a good look at them as I passed. Damn, if I were white and had a camera I could have taken pictures; hey, you know how Asians just don’t know how to say “no” to white people. In any event, it would so fucking awesome if they started a Tsundere Geisha bar, with the girls saying in keigo: “I’m so sorry but I’m not serving you drinks because you’re a lovely and wonderfully good man, ne?” XD

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