2010 Great Manga Gift Guide Take 2!

Around the November-December period, the holiday seasons begins, and at this time, people are typically in the mood to give other gifts, so what is a good general choice in my opinion, other than graphic novels of course. The reason why I am calling this list – Take 2, simply because I wrote one last year on my own blog here and another Yaoi gift guide list here. This year’s 2010 call for lists was made by Daniella of All About Manga, so if you want to consult other lists and selections, refer here for other lists and suggestions.

I won’t give straight on plot summaries for these suggestions, but take not that of all the links that there is associated with the title, it ties to an Amazon.com link. I will be including information on the publisher, how much volumes are out in English, and the year that the title is published in the United States.

This has been a slightly difficult list for me to compile, because I don’t really want to repeat my choices from last year, and definitely not sound like echoing many of the other fantastic lists on the #GMGG, but if you have read through the other lists, and see duplicates, then most definitely the book recommended is a book to giver or a keeper. I spent the last week trying to think of 10 titles, and I really can’t seem to push it. >_> So here are nine possible present ideas!

For the adult and hardcore yaoi readers

Under Grand Hotel (801 Media) (2 volumes) (2010)
This is a classic that is known as UGH to readers. I have purchased both volumes, and it is a fantastic read, the size of these books are in typical Japanese style, so it can easily fit in your pocketbook. This book is rated 18+ since it is has themes of smutty sex, murder, rape, the setting is in a prison, but the tormented angsty bl-plot is enough to draw a fujoshi into the storyline. Most of what I have seen of this book is shrink wrapped, even when I see it in bookstores, so while you can’t pursue the storyline yourself, it is good for a fan who enjoys hot steamy man sex. ^_^

For foodie and adventuring readers

Toriko (Viz) (2 volumes-ongoing) (2010)
Ahhh a mixture of enjoyment for food lovers and adventure seeking readers. An earlier review here. This is set in an alternative world, but with the unique food species, it is interesting for readers to compare and contrast. Also what makes it a great food book, is the enjoyment of reading about eating food. So while the food topic is creatively false… shouldn’t you also try to find your life’s menu? Either by eating or cooking it yourself?

For pet lovers readers

Chi’s Sweet Home (Vertical) (3 volumes-ongoing) (2010)
I recommended this last year, and once again can’t rush to definitely recommending it this year. With the fourth volume, Chi has definitely made in onto NYTime’s best selling manga list. It is appropriate for all age, and the cuteness of the kitten cannot be beat! It is also a great contrast for readers, since Vertical spared no expense with having it all printed in color. Also with their new portal up, there includes bonus that was only available with the Japanese editions. Now it is available in English for fans of this dear kitten.

For vampire and adaptation readers

Cirque Du Freak (Yen Press) (7 volumes-ongoing)(2009)
This is an adaptation of what appears to be a great English series. It has a rich storyline, and for friends who enjoy reading about vampires, not necessarily Twilight, this is a great engrossing tale to get into. Personally I love the story of how Darren Shaw perseveres and survives.

For school life and opposites attract themes

Monkey High! (Viz) (8 volumes) (2008)
This is a story of a very unlikely couple. While it is already several years old, if your teen friend haven’t read of this series from Shojo Beat, why not get it for her then? There is a great chemistry between the two leads, and what makes it great is that even with the difference between them, their love holds true. Probably as I mentioned in my earlier review for the series, this is a good shorter read for fans of Love.com or other comedy shojo.

For readers who enjoy comedy and parody

Gintama (Viz) (20 volumes-ongoing) (2007)
How many times can I praise this great under appreciated story? Similar to several other titles, it stayed in my mind frequently to even make it onto this list. Review here. Sure you have to have already been a fan of other Shonen Jump series, but what better way to read of it from another perspective of poking fun at it. Jokes may be crass, but they are witty to the point of side splitting.

For slice of life and human drama readers

Saturn Apartments (Viz) (2 volumes-ongoing) (2010)
Fans of of science fiction, should take note of this slice of life written storyline of a boy who grows up the planet of Saturn. If you enjoy books like To Terra, or Tegami Bachi, then this is a similar read. It is quite a beautiful read for the most part, showing an inherent kindness toward the people around you, no matter if they are strangers.

For suspense and mystery readers.

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Dark Horse) (11 volumes-ongoing) (2006)
Fans for forensics, detective, crime, and paranormal stories should take note of this engrossing story of figuring out whodunit and whatever repercussions from a crime can karma take. This is a dark humor series, that can definitely entertain reader who enjoy logic and paranormal situations.

For android and teen readers

Karakuri Odette (Tokyopop) (4 volumes-ongoing) (2009)
First impression from reading this blurb definitely can remind readers of Chobits, and really that’s where the comparisons can end. In some ways reading this book has been for me, reading a bit like Dr. Slump, but on a more serious/teen note. An android explores from her perspective what exactly is human life/feelings. Mostly likely a good choice for friends who like to read about aspects of what makes a person unique and individual from the larger group.

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