March MMF: Aria/Aqua Series Artbooks

Cover of Cielo

Prior to this blog post, I was a bit worried about overly gushing a bit too much, since I am the host of this Manga Movable Feast on my own blog over at Scribblings, however I was reassure along the lines that if I loved the series enough to take on the responsibility being a host, then wouldn’t I be expected to gush about it? Similar to how my contribution was to the November’s MMF, this is going to be a post via this anime blog site on a series of artbooks that I owned from this series. I am an artbook collector for the most part, and getting three of the artbooks, was a haul I made when I visited Japan last year.

Aria The Illustration: Avvenire
Alpha – Kozue Amano Illustration Works
Stella – Kozue Amano Illustration Works II
Cielo – Kozue Amano Illustration Works III

My general impression on this set of artbooks, is a complete feast for the eyes and a balm to the soul of a collector. Every time I look within the pages, of each and every art book, I am consistently reminded of how wonderful this series is, and how much I can’t choose as to what is my favorite image, though I profess to love Alice, and Maa.

Avvenire covers the art that deals with the anime series from all three seasons, and there are cd images, group pictures, promotional images that is bound in this book.  There’s an incredible image of Akari standing with Caith Sith.

Alpha, Stella, Cielo is a series of artbooks for the manga. Aqua/Aria as the main subject piece of all three books, only has art in half of the book, a portion of the book has Amano’s other manga series’ in it (Roman Club, Crescent Noise.) I mentioned that I purchased these books when I was Japan, but I ended up purchasing it, the next day after I saw the images in my small hostel room from this link, and I seriously don’t regret it.

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