Tegami Bachi – where communication is quite important!

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by Hiroyuki Asada. Published by Viz Media. 200 pages. 2009 $7.99

With the speed of the internet, and cell phone…  postal mail might be not in the minds of many people nowadays. I am always throwing out any spam snail mail, but I definitely love mail that means something to me personally, so in the AmberGround World of Tegami Bachi, mail is a very important form of communication.

Never let the appearance of what genre are out there, is specified to a specific type of audience. This title is definitely released under a shonen imprint in Japan, but with the emotional personality of Lag Seeing, and how cute Gauche Suede and other characters are, this is a series that is definitely not lacking in female fans. Dare I say that this is a very female friendly title.

Also what makes this series a good series to get on, other than the plot is obvious how cute Niche is, since she won’t wear anything other than what Lag tells her, laundry day gets quite interesting. Then there are other obvious humorous quirks in the story such as a running joke of why certain female cooking always never as perfect as they look.

There are so far about three graphic novel volumes of this series in English, 11 manga volumes in Japanese, and two anime seasons. Other possible readalikes for this series is D-Gray Man for mysterious characters aspect and Aria for the human slice of life aspect in a very unique world.

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