Monkey High – Opposites attract in an interesting way.

No one would really want to be in the shoes of Haruna Aizawa, not after her politician father gets booted out of office for corruption charges. So with a “bright future” obviously out the window, Haruna transfers to a  nameless local high school. First day there, she mentally labels the description of monkey for a majority of the students there. So what happens if she begins to like Macharu (Masaru), a goofball classmate – who is around her height and definitely opposite in personality to Haruna. Everyone else thought that Haruna would end up with Atsu, who is the class’s reigning cutie. So Haruna falling for Macharu is definitely something unique.

We Go Together... ^_ ^

Reasons why you would want to check out this title:

  • Medium length series – there’s only eight volumes to read through. All published in English by Shoujo Beat
  • Funny.. I am quite tickled and definitely enjoying parts where people realize that there is a relationship between the two leads..
  • It is sweet/fluffy enough so that readers can say awwww..
  • Read alike is probably – based on the height and comedy aspects – aka Lovely Complex, that I wrote a movie review for a while ago.

Author: Linda

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4 thoughts on “Monkey High – Opposites attract in an interesting way.

  1. Cool. I think I’ll check this one out since only 8 volumes, and I may read the Japanese version. It’s very intriguing since the main girl is falling for a hetare instead of the alpha male. Maybe there is a hint for a hetare like me. And I want to find out the hint. “Monkey mountain” is the correct translation rather than “Monkey High.” “Planet of the Ape” is better? Humans haven’t evolved enough from monkeys, so she’s pretty acute for calling themselves ‘monkeys.” But going for a hetare, she’s actually going beyond Monkey, All Too Monkey.

    Yeah, I really loved LoveCom. The same interest made them really close and eventually intimate. I remember in high school, the girl I liked was into The Carpenters. I thought Carpenters was crappy first, but by the time I found out her favorite band, I began to love their music. And still today I’m a big Carpenter’s fan though didn’t work out with her…

  2. Thanks for the comment! Sure it is not a long series, and is quite cute from what I have read so far. Saruyama yep.. somehow I think of the onsen monkeys when you mention that.. They actually question that in the novel, if she calls others monkeys, then what is she then?

    I have to finish reading Love Com one of these days…. >_< But from what I read and seen, it is all pretty good teen comedy romances.

    Ahh The Carpenters. I like to listen to them…they inspired lots of other renditions and pieces… ^_^

    There are lots of single people out there, just make sure that you eventually find someone that can can meet a standard.

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