Lolicon isn’t a crime!


Ahh, this season, Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! This is sooo lolicon show,  otaku have gone moergasmic and moeuphoric. Oh yes, we call it “youjo” or “幼女 (premature girl). Oh yes, that derriere, can’t understand why they drew so erotic. Mind-boggling…


Loli made him run into the pole.
Loli made him run into the pole.

And Love Stage, that ikemen guy is a lolicon. After greeted by a loli, he gets carried away and hit his head to the electric pole.



And Barakamon, all those two lolis, ahh kawaii! I wish I had that kind of visitors, since I live alone like him. Maybe I should move to Goto islands, but nubile single chicks are all gone away to Tokyo for either college or job, so only K-12 girls and obasan/BBA (aged women) are left there, so I can’t really move there…


Ahh, Hanayamata, these are middle school girls, and they are what? 14 years old? Yeah, Lolita was 14 too. Ahh, so much loli fest this season! I wish I had sisters like them.

Ahh, I wish I had an imouto (little sister). Yes, I always wanted to have a little sister. But that’s impossible. So, the only possible way is a daughter. I need a daughter. But I’m a guy, so I can’t have a daughter by myself. I need a girl who can accept my sperm and make a daughter. So, I need a wife (or domestic partner). If I can’t get any wife, then a surrogate mother to make my daughter. But that service is super expensive, a proletarian like me can never afford. But I’m still afraid of marriage. Why? Because my child’s gender or sex would be uncertain. It’s unpredictable. What if I get married, but only have sons? What if I can never have any daughter? That would be a nightmare. I would rather be a foster parent and adopt a daughter than marrying a girl and fearing the uncertainty. I don’t want any guys around me, my life has been full of dudes, even though I didn’t want that at all, I’m simply tired of dudes, I’ve had too little interaction (i.e. skinship) with girls, so now I have to make up the rest of my life with just hanging out with girls. That would be even.

Oh yes, I just want to hang out with girls, no more with dudes. One female friend is worth a hundred dude buddies. To befriend with one girl is the same with to make 100 dude friends. It takes energy 100 times more to make a female friend. So, if I ask a female friend to have a tea at Starbucks and I get turned down, the damage of rejection would be a 100 times severer than being rejected by dude friends. But in turn, if she accepts to have a drink with me, then 100 times happier. Oh yeah, would be the happiest moment in my life. Well, I don’t really care if dudes reject me in the first place, I’m not gay; all I need is interaction with girls.

So, I don’t want guys, especially family relationship is too close, so I only want to surround myself with females: sister or daughter, and a wife. Only me as a guy is enough. Madonna and Child, that child is son as Isis and Horus. That religious symbol is a social pressure because I totally don’t want to have a son. No son. No brother. I don’t want nothing to do with guys. My ideal family is 4 family members: two daughters, and then a wife, and me as a father.  Dubya family or Obama family, these two presidents have that ideal family. So yes, symbolism-wise that is very important. Two daughters, ahhh, so envious. Yes, the first children of America have been female for more than two decades. How much I want to have daughters… As I get older, my desire for an imouto has transformed into a daughter. And yes, lolita complex, that is a mirror of wish for imouto or daughter. Wish for younger girls.

A wife is fearful, what if she file a divorce? Then, she won’t be my wife anymore, totally becomes a stranger. But sister or daughter, even though they repudiate me, they’re still my sister and daughter. At least by blood. So down in my heart, I can still feel somehow I’m still connected to them. Oh yes, that connection, that material connection, while spiritual connection is uncertain. A wife is a soul mate? I don’t believe in soul or spirituality because of breakup, especially divorce disproves soul mate. Little sister-in-law, or little sister-in-Christ, these are uncertain, it can end anytime. So material, or physical, yes, by gene or DNA or blood, my sister and daughter are part of me…oh yes, earthly connection rather than spiritual connection. Yes, earthly bread over heavenly bread. Physical over metaphysical. It’s a sure thing.

That’s why I want loli..oh, I mean sister or daughter. Yes, a girl I can pet her head. Well, City Of Lost Children kind of relationship is fine too, One giving Miette a piggyback ride! Or Barakamon is fine too. Even these middle school girls look cute to me. And when I watch these lolis in anime, ohhh, I have a moe, and that desire or wish grows so big and uncontainable, yes, emptiness or void in the heart, like “ahh” scratching hair, yes saudade, and in the end that sumblimates into loliconness.

So, lolicon isn’t perverted nor crime, but purely from otaku’s saudade.

How much I wanted to have this kawaii imouto...
How much I wanted to have this kawaii imouto…


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8 thoughts on “Lolicon isn’t a crime!

  1. I think art style of characters are cute and see nothing wrong with thinking the how character is drawn and portrayed could be consider cute. But everyone is so caught up in looking/acting cute…point that people want/desire to have something like that in real life. I usually hear the same from guys who don’t have sibling or they have sibling but they are either older or a younger brother(Girl are going to pitying or thinking start your worthless which is a big turn off for girls hello primary school version Kirino) which I find interesting. When guys start talking about a 2D they get all excited then (word like delicous or Mmh mmh…great now girl has been turned into drumstick) they start fantasizing about the character and licking there lips. What hell would you do if did have a daughter or sister(sexually attractive or seduce them(?) that’s lolita complex officially means)? That’s was one burning question in back of mind when you kept making excuses, “why couldn’t married/impregnate someone?(This argument is not strong in this one.) All guys want is rorikon gokko (play toy). Daughters and sister even adoptions are actually huge responsibility because you as their higher authority have responsible to take care(make sure get eat and get to school on time) of them and make sure they are safe at end of each day.

    1. Good point on sister-less dudes. Guys who don’t have any sister (especially imouto, who can fawn upon you) feel isolated and alienated from the world. We tend to be more love-shy. And we’re more into moe-anime with bishojo. The fact that we grew up girlless had a detrimental effect on our childhood development, so moe-anime with lolis are here to make up for that. Girlfriend or wife are probably the closest female existence. But they are unstable, impermanent, not eternal, so to be a sure thing, sister or daughter is connected by blood. That physical connection is far more certain than spiritual connection. Spiritual connection is platonic connection, full of uncertainty. So, I’m more hopeful for “imo” and younger “imo” is loli. Even though sister or daughter repudiates me and lose contact, probably my wife divorces me and takes away my daughters, they are still my kin. Yes, they are my sister and daughter forever, that fact never changes. Yes, adoption is far better since I don’t need to worry about uncertainty of sex, but they are only by law, not by blood. So, it can end. But sister or daughter by blood, it’s eternal.

  2. People keep drawing such art.. and of course viewers have to know that this is pure fiction.. kinda like – you can see, but don’t touch. Pure eye candy…

    1. Yes, pure fiction. 2D girls are intangible, and real girls act intangible, or noli me tangere. So both is skinship-less, and which one is better? 2D girls.

  3. I just wanted to point out that the ikemen guy – Ryouma – from “Love Stage!!” didn’t hit his head on the pole because of the loli. Rather, the girl remined him of his childhood love who he had just found out was a boy and was therefore conflicted with his feelings since he was still in love. Though Izumi (his love) is a bit of a shota at times. Nevertheless, “Love Stage!!” is yaoi through and through. (And it’s the absolutely cutest -and well drawn- thing I’ve ever watched in my life even though it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea ^^”)
    My proof, jic:
    Loli Izumi []
    It’s totes BL []
    Shota Izumi []

  4. Everything you talk about is understandable but really no body is perfect. Every person has desires besides wanting compassion from some one and when you mix those feelings, which can happen accidentally, something dangerous can happen.Everything you said also sounds like excuse to have a young girl around you depending on only you. what your wanting is not natural . basically all you want is to be around a young female child. and that is extremely weird no matter how you put it.
    question. Why does the child have to be female. the only difference between a girl and a boy child is the body parts. the love they give is all the same.That right there is wrong
    You say having a girlfriend or wife is uncertain so is having a child. you never know what can happen, life is just uncertain. you need to seriously get out the house and be around people your own age and stop obsessing over little girls that is just sick dude.

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